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Pinpointe is Intuitive and Easy to Use

We didn’t sacrifice functionality for ease-of-use with Pinpointe. Our interface is straightforward so you’ll be sending your first campaign within 30 minutes after your account is set up. Just create one or more email lists, add optional custom fields for audience selection and segmentation (if you like…), import email contacts, create a campaign and send it. Check out our email marketing video tour.

In addition to our exhaustively comprehensive set of features, advanced usability features will simplify your job as your database and activities grow:

  • Schedule, stop or pause an email campaign while sending. How many times have you started a campaign then suddenly realized you need to put the brakes on?
  • Full help bubbles and searchable help every step along the way.
  • Full searchable support email marketing knowledgebase
  • Perform bulk email campaign tasks such as delete, archive and activate with just a few clicks using Pinpointe’s bulk tasks options.
  • Save hours by performing bulk list manipulation tasks, like list merge, list copy and bulk changes/updates.
  • Watch your list grow. Pinpointe’s dashboard and graphs are at your fingertips when you first login, so you can see your list grow in real-time.
  • Free image hosting

Take a Pinpointe Tour below…

Pinpointe Minute Product Tour

Pinpointe Detailed Video Introduction (15 min)

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