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  • Retail


  • Required a solution that integrated with their own email software
  • Needed a ‘Send on behalf’ feature
  • Required easy upload of their own HTML email designs


  • Pinpointe’s API provides all the features and functionality required to automate and implement campaigns for each dealer
  • Design flexibility – not locked in to Pinpointe’s editor
  • Automated list management
  • Campaign statistics reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Superior support


  • Best-of-breed email marketing platform 
  • Hunter-Douglas delivers a unique, high value service to their network of distributors 
  • Integrated XML API enables programmatic automation 
  • High email deliverability rates 
  • Time and money savings 
  • Total email marketing automation solution 


“Pinpointe’s cloud-based email marketing system allows us to completely automate the process of delivering high value campaigns to our end customers, on behalf of our entire distributor network.”

– Joyce Kaneta
Internet Training
Hunter Douglas



High Value Service for Distributors Helps Improve End Customer Loyalty and Communication

About Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of window treatment products. They lead the industry in innovating new and proprietary window covering designs that add distinctive beauty and style to the décor while also providing advanced solutions to everyday practical needs.
For more information about Hunter Douglas, go to

The Challenges

Hunter Douglas sought an automated email marketing solution with a flexible Application Programming Interface (API) so they could integrate it with their own marketing infrastructure. With over 1200 nationwide product distribution dealers, Hunter Douglas needed a way to provide a consistent, turn-key email campaign system to their dealer network. Though developed and sent directly from corporate marketing, each campaign needed to appear as if it was being sent directly from each dealer to each distributor’s respective customers. 
Hunter Douglas required a solution that would allow them to easily ‘templatize’ an email design, upload and use their own HTML files. Once uploaded, the content within each campaign needed to automatically populate with each dealer’s logo, address, website and contact information so end prospects could contact the correct dealer directly.

The Pinpointe Solution

After evaluating a range of email providers, Hunter Douglas selected Pinpointe’s Enterprise Edition to fully automate their email marketing process. Pinpointe provided the only automated marketing solution that met their specific requirements. 
Using Pinpointe’s flexible Application Programming Interface (API), Hunter Douglas integrated their software application to fully automate the process. From list management to email scheduling, Hunter Douglas now has a reliable solution that fully automates their email marketing from start to finish.
Hunter Douglas has the flexibility to develop campaigns using familiar in-house html design tools that easily upload to Pinpointe’s system. After campaigns are loaded, all contact and list information is pushed to Pinpointe via the API and campaigns are scheduled and automated. Content within each email is automatically populated with each dealers’ logo, address, website and contact information as well as the dealer’s send-from and reply-to email addresses. When the end customer receives the email, it looks as if it has been sent from their local Hunter Douglas dealer – a feature only possible with Pinpointe’s ‘Send on Behalf Of’ functionality
The powerful tools provided through Pinpointe’s flexible API give Hunter Douglas the ability to manage and automatically update their dealers’ customer lists. Frequently used tasks associated with list management, including creating or deleting mailing lists and segments (both dynamic and static) are also handled by Pinpointe’s API. In addition, Pinpointe’s system monitors and generates campaign statistics reports, which track opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces for each campaign and each distributor.
As an enterprise customer, Hunter Douglas can take advantage of support anytime during regular business hours. For minor support issues, they can also use Pinpointe’s live chat, responsive email support and Pinpointe’s email marketing knowledgebase 24/7, which contains hundreds of support articles.

The Benefits/Value

Utilizing Pinpointe’s On-Demand Enterprise Edition, Hunter Douglas provides a high value, value-add service for their 1,200+ distributors. They now have the capability to extend their special offers and product updates to end customers on behalf of their partner distributors – all with little to no involvement from their distributors. This capability has eliminated the need to develop their own in-house email marketing solution and has saved Hunter Douglas both time and money.
By taking advantage of all the tools and capabilities available through Pinpointe’s best-of-breed email marketing platform, Hunter Douglas has automated their email marketing campaigns and vastly improved deliverability rates. Pinpointe’s API interface has allowed them to interact with Pinpointe’s system programmatically, and automate many marketing tasks that may have otherwise been done manually, including:
  • Customer subscriber management
  • Content management 
  • Content population for each partner distributor
  • Email campaigns management
  • Metrics and report downloads
Whether synchronizing data between systems, segmenting contact lists to identify specific user activity, or obtaining marketing metrics, Pinpointe’s Enterprise Edition has provided Hunter Douglas with a solution that has dramatically increased their email marketing productivity. Pinpointe not only helps drive Hunter Douglas’ email marketing, but also saves the company significant time by giving them the platform to automate tedious list management tasks, while giving them full control and management of their campaign content. This has ensured controlled and accurate branding nationwide. 









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