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Synchronize your Contacts (Enterprise Edition Only)

Pinpointe’s ForceSync for let’s you achieve take full advantage of Pinpointe’s robust email marketing campaign management, including email campaign creation and scheduling, advanced email tracking, reporting segmentation, autoresponders, split testing and more.

Pinpointe’s ForceSync ‘pushes’ your contacts into Pinpointe and synchronizes bounces and unsubscribed contacts back to


Pinpointe’s ForceSync is simple to use and install. ┬áThere are no apps to download or setup.

On the side, you’ll need your API key and you’ll need to grant permission to the user ID you select to synchronize contacts into Pinpointe.

On the Pinpoint side, enter your salesforce credentials and select whether you want to synchronize your Leads or Contacts to Pinpointe.

Settings Screen connector


Select synchronization frequency and time interval.  By default, your contacts will synchronize to Pinpointe daily. You can also sync contacts from manually. Choose to sync all unsynchronized contacts, or contacts that have not been synchronized in the last day, week or month.

Synchronize your leads and/or contacts into Pinpointe, so you can send and track campaigns to your contacts from within Pinpointe.

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That’s all it takes to push your Leads and/or Contacts to Pinpointe.
After you have sent your campaign(s), Pinpointe can also synchronize bounced and unsubscribed contacts back over to This ensures you don’t resend unwanted emails.

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For a limited time, Pinpointe ForceSync is available at no charge.

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