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It's easy to use Pinpointe’s built-in email designer to create great newsletters, promotional emails and other correspondence for your prospects.If you can use MS Word, you can use Pinpointe’s email designer.Edit directly in the WYSIWYG email editor, then preview your email campaign to see how it will display in a range of email clients, including Outlook, Yahoo.com, Gmail and Lotus Notes.  You can switch to the HTML view to see or fine tune or edit the email HTML code directly.

The Pinpointe HTML email editor features a number of function buttons that allow you to easily import and format text, change colors, create tables, add graphics from your graphics library and directly enter trackable, embedded links. Other key features include:

  • Flexible input.For added flexibility, we've included 3 different ways to import content for an email campaign: use the editor, upload a file or import a file from a web site.
  • Personalize and customize campaigns with Pinpointe's custom fields.
  • Paste content from Microsoft word. Copy-and-paste content from Microsoft Word, FrontPage or any other HTML editor. It will look exactly the same in Pinpointe’s email designer – text formatting, layouts, etc will not be changed.

Multi-Part Email for Flexible Delivery

Pinpointe email designer gives you the option to create HTML-only, text-only or multipart (HTML and text) emails. When you choose multi-part, Pinpointe automatically delivers the appropriate format to each subscriber's inbox.That way, Blackberry addicts can still read your full email message any time, anywhere.

Pinpointe - Easy to use HTML WYSIWYG Editor

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