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The time and day you send your email campaign is nearly as important as how it appears in your subscribers’ inbox. While immediately sending out an email campaign works in many scenarios, sending a campaign right away has its limitations.  For example, business to business emails are most effective when mailed after 9 am, but before noon, when email inboxes are clean. Friday afternoon and weekends are usually the least advantageous for B2B campaigns.

So if you stay late to add your finishing touches and final checks to an email campaign and don’t finish up until 8PM, you’ll get better response results if you schedule the email campaign to hit Email Etherspace about 9am the next morning, when reader’s inboxes are a bit cleaner.

Sometimes you might need to pause a campaign mid-way.  Only Pinpointe lets you pause (or stop) a running campaign mid-way. When you’re ready to go, just re-start it and Pinpointe’s scheduler will pick back up where it left off.

Message Scheduling with Pinpointe is especially valuable when you want to compose and schedule several weekly or monthly newsletters in one session.  You’ll even get a confirmation email when the campaign starts and when it finishes.


Schedule Email marketing Campaigns

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