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URL Personalization (“PURLs”)

Personalizing messages with recipients’ names and targeting them with messages that are most relevant is a great way to boost open, read, and click-through rates. Imagine what a personalized URL will do for your campaign conversions and ROI!

Use profiling attributes, including the contacts’ name or company to identify specific URL addresses for each email message. For example, if your website is customized to different territories and sales reps, you might insert each individual URL the same way you would the recipient’s name on the message. This way, you only have to create one version of the email that is sent to the entire list, yet includes sales territory information so the recipients in the Midwest receive emails and links from the sales rep that covers that territory while recipients in New York City receive emails and links from the rep that covers their city.

PURL’s allow you to send a prospect to a URL such as:

Instead of having to create different versions of the message, save time simply by using the profiling attribute to personalize the URL.

Pre-Populate Registration Forms

URL personalization can also be used to “pre-populate” registration forms.  For example, if your company is hosting a GoToMeeting Webinar, use Pinpointe’s URL personalization to pre-populate most registration forms with the contacts’ name, company, title and more – and any other customer fields you are using.  A URL might take the following format:

For many websites and registrations forms, you can pre-polulate almost any field, which in turn improves registration rates.

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