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No matter how compelling your offer happens to be, it’s all for nothing if your email doesn’t reach your opt-in recipients. At Pinpointe, we’re continually monitoring and improving our systems with new technology, best practices and ISP relations to maximize our email campaign delivery rates and to help you maintain your email reputation.

Advanced Bounce / Unsubscribe Processing

Your email reputation is impacted part by the ratio of emails sent to non-existent addresses. Repeatedly sending emails to invalid / non-existent addresses and/or not properly honoring unsubscribe requests are two factors that can damage your email reputation (and ours), and reduce email campaign deliverability over time.

Pinpointe does more than simply manage hard and soft bounces and unsubscribe requests.  When an email bounces, it often includes descriptive information that might indicate a delivery issue.  When this happens, our IT staff is automatically alerted so that we can manage the problem right away.  We can also re-route outbound email traffic to other IP addresses across multiple ISP networks to ensure campaign deliverability.

Global Email Address Suppression

Some people are more likely to complain!  When we receive an abuse complaint or a spam complaint from someone, we automatically add their address to our global banned list, so they cannot receive future emails from anyone on the Pinpointe network.  This keeps the recipients happy, helps to reduce our overall spam complaint rates across the entire Pinpointe network, and ultimately improves your email reputation.

IP Address Management

To protect our overall deliverability, Pinpointe is a tier 1 ISP with our own IP addresses under management.  This helps us keep our email network up and running, and avoids the potential issues that other email service providers might have if they are hosted in another ISP’s data center and using an ISP’s IP addresses.

We group our IP addresses into multiple classes, or reputation levels, based on multiple campaign statistics we track, including send volume, hard and soft bounce rates, customer-specific spam and abuse complaints, open and click-through rates and initial list quality.  By tracking and analyzing this information for every email message sent and delivered through our network, we are able to group certain customers together who have similar delivery characteristics.  For higher volume senders, Enterprise Edition Customers and Agency Edition Customers, we offer  dedicated IP’.

We regularly monitor our IP acceptance rates and maintain an inbox acceptance rate ranging between 95.5% and 98.4%.

Optional Dedicated IP Address

Customers with a proven track record of trusted email marketing who want to manage their own email reputation and who send sufficient volume ( typically 250,000 emails / month or more) are eligible to move to a certified IP address. Not every company will qualify, but those that do, get the benefit of a high reputation IP address without the cost of maintaining their own dedicated IP.

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