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We take extra steps to ensure your email campaigns will get delivered to the inbox.  Here are a few of the steps we take to ensure your email delivery.

Feedback Loops

We’re registered with major ISPs to receive alerts whenever your recipients report your campaigns as “junk” or “spam”. When that happens, we unsubscribe those recipients from all of your lists in order to keep you (and Pinpointe) from being blocked in the future.  Since Pinpointe is for sending permission-based email campaigns, customers who gain proper opt-in permission rarely have issues with customer / recipient complaints.


The use of whitelists has diminished, but Pinpointe maintains whitelist relationships wherever possible.  Fewer ISP’s use whitelists nowadays because there are too many factors that determine a sender’s reputation, and whitelists can’t be maintained with the same real-time frequency. Most ISP’s are switching to email feedback loops, which are more dynamic and can respond more quickly to reputation changes. Being on a whitelist does not preclude a sender from being blocked, especially if their feedback loop complaints exceed the ISPs’ thresholds.

Per Account / Per Domain Throttling

Many domains have a limit to the rate at which they are willing to receive multiple emails from the same sender / IP address range.  If you send too many emails at a time, the first batch gets through and any emails over the threshold are automatically blocked as SPAM.
To improve deliverability, Pinpointe “throttles” email send rates at various levels.  First we maintain a maximum rate that any customer can send emails.  Equally important, Pinpointe throttles the number of connections and overall messages that we deliver to certain ISPs and corporate enterprises within a certain time period. And if an ISP like or provide feedbakc that our mail servers are sending too quickly, we automatically slow down in order to improve delivery.  We leverage the relationships that we have with ISPs and major corporations to understand the rate at which they want you to send mail to them.

Anti-Spam Policies

Pinpointe is dedicated to being the most powerful solution for our customers to send permissions-based, business email campaigns. Pinpointe does not permit sending to purchased email lists and requires strict opt-in permission.  To help protect you and other customers, we strictly enforce our anti-spam policies and we respond to and investigate each  complaint that our abuse desk receives, and we quickly work to resolve issues with our customers who receive complaints before they start causing delivery problems.  This ensures that overall complaint levels are kept to a minimum, which is a big part of maintaining a strong email reputation.

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