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Import Wizard with Error Checking

Importing prospect lists shouldn’t be a pain, so Pinpointe’s list wizard makes it easy to upload new contacts, profiling data and related information.

Just start with a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, add a header row with field names, and Pinpointe’s import wizard will prompt you along the way. You will be prompted to add the profiling fields and list settings, and you’ll see a list of each of the fields to import with a simple pull-down menu to quickly map the fields from your spreadsheet field names to Pinpointe’s field names when importing. All of your standard and custom fields will be mapped.

During the import process Pinpointe checks for errors, typos and incorrectly formatted data. Pinpointe also removes any contacts that are on the Pinpoints Global Suppression List.

When a duplicate is found, Pinpointe gives you the option to either skip duplicate record, or overwrite the Pinpoitne wrecord with the data in your spreadsheet.

Export Lists for External Manipulation and Reporting

Ever need to export a list or two for manipulate or further mine the data? Simply select the list or lists to export and the entire list pops out in CSV format. The Pinpointe wizard walks you step-by-step through the export process. The exported file contains all fields and additional profiling information you’ve collected.

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