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We go to great lengths to make sure your valid messages are delivered into your prospects mailboxes and not their spam folder.

Blocked Lists and Complainers

For starters, we maintain a global blocked-list of invalid email addresses, expired domains, known ‘SPAM honey-pots’ and more. We also remove ‘known complainers’ – those who are more likely to report any correspondence as spam. These contacts and domains are permanently blocked from re-joining your lists (and any Pinpointe list) in the future. We constantly update our lists through feedback loops with major ISPs by instantly removing subscribers who report your campaign as junk, so they can never complain about you again.

Maintain Your Own List of Additional Blocked Addresses

You can also maintain your own local blocked-list of contacts across all of your lists. Pinpointe allows you to enter specific email addresses to be blocked, and even allows you to block entire domains by simply entering the domain name.

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