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Create Target Email Segments by Any Custom Field(s)

The more relevant the campaign is to the individual, the better the response rates will be. Using Pinpointe segments ensure that your campaigns are only delivered to contacts who meet the profiling criteria you are targeting and reduces the likelihood of SPAM complaints and opt-outs.

Pinpointe customers can create custom subgroups of contacts that slice across one or more contact lists. For example, you might be running a regional event with a partner in New York City.  Why bother them with an irrelevant email?  With Pinpointe, you can create a segment that includes all contacts across one or more lists that are based in New York, or within certain zip codes.

It’s easy to create targeted segments combining any number of custom fields using AND or OR logic. Just select the list or lists to segment, click a few boxes and using Boolean logic, add or exclude any number of other criteria until your segment meets your needs.

Create Segments Using Pinpointe “Behavioral Targeting”

With Pinpointe, you can segment and target your audience based on previous activity. Want to only reach people who have opened a previous email? Just add the information to your segment using Pinpointe’s segment builder interface. The segment defined below is targeting only the people who opened the campaign called ‘Pinpointe Tips ..’ AND clicked on the link:

Behavioral Targeting Email segments

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