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Campaign Activity Report Snapshot

For each email marketing campaign sent, Pinpointe reports exactly how many people opened their email, how many unsubscribed, which links they clicked, the email forwarding statistics and more.

Pinpointe’s reporting makes it easy to view and mine data to help refine your email campaign strategies. The Email Campaign Statistics Overview Report provides a quick summary of each campaign – information like the email subject (with a link to the actual message), which contact list or segment was used, start/end date and time, number of messages delivered and the sender.

‘Unique and Total Opens’ are also displayed in pie chart form and can be clicked on for a detailed listing of each open. Simply click on any pie chart segment and get a detailed drill-down list of all contacts that apply to the pie segment.  Click on any tab to see the drill-down campaign statistics and hard/soft bounce details

Pinpointe - Campaign Statistics Overview Screenshot

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