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Hard / Soft Bounce Activity Reports

The ‘Email Bounce Activity’ report displays the number of messages that bounced in a selected campaign. You’ll see a summary graph broken down by “hard” vs. “soft” email bounces, along with a detail list of each bounce record. The report displays the bounces as a histogram over a time period that is user selectable.If you are maintaining your list then the bounce rates should diminish over time.Drill down to display the actual bounce records. Each entry displays the email that bounced, the bounce type (hard or soft bounce) and a description of why each email specifically bounced.

Pinpointe automatically flags all ‘hard’ bounces, so they do not receive emails in the future. Soft bounces often occur for temporary reasons (eg – the recipients email box is full). Soft bounces are retried a total of 5 times before they are permanently removed.

Soft bounces can also occur in the recipient flags your email as SPAM. Pinpointe reports all of the ‘blocked due to content’ email addresses, so you can see exactly which emails are being blocked.

Pinpointe - Campaign Bounced Email Report

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