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KMI Media







  • Print and Online Media


  • Required a solution that integrated with their own email software
  • Needed a ‘Send on behalf’ feature
  • Required easy uploading of their own HTML email designs


  • Ability to capture leads on their website
  • Extensive reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Multiple-version campaign testing
  • Behavioral targeting


  • 40% of KMI’s event ticket sales are now generated through email marketing
  • Over 1,300 new newsletter subscribers generated within the first 120 days of using Pinpointe
  • Improved email campaign responses 
  • Increased number of paid-purchase prospects 
  • Reliable email marketing system
  • Open rates of up to 45%
  • Click-through rates of up to 20%


  • Tracking and Reporting 
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Email Split /Multi-Variant Testing
  • Global & Local Block Lists
  • Complete Campaign Results
  • Detailed Bounce / SPAM Activity Results
  • Campaign Statistics – Drill-Down
  • Campaign Open Details
  • Link Click-Through Details
  • Website – Lead Capture Forms
  • Campaign Editor
  • Integrated Campaign Previewer
  • SPAM Score Checker
  • List Segments

“Pinpointe’s system has given us the opportunity to market our products with confidence. Our email campaigns are not only delivered in a timely manner, but our deliverability rates have increased and we can easily capture the data we need to generate future sales."

– Julia Comitale
Marketing & Communications Executive
KMI Media



About KMI Media

Based in Toronto, Ontario, KMI Media, Ltd. is the magazine publisher of Canadian Real Estate Wealth, Your Mortgage Canada, and Canadian Mortgage Professional and offers industry-leading web publications in several business verticals. KMI is also a leading organizer of conferences, industry summits, and award ceremonies, which accompany the educational content present in their customer publication offerings.

KMI is part of Key Media, a rapidly growing media company with offices in Sydney, Auckland, Manila, Denver and Toronto serves a range of professional services markets across the Asia-Pacific region and North America. The organization’s products operate across key business verticals including Finance, Real Estate, Insurance and Human Resources, and bring product providers and business communities together through print media and in-person and online events.

For more information about KMI Publishing, visit

The Challenges

Print and online magazine publisher, KMI, generates revenue from advertisements on their industry-based media websites and through leads acquired from their electronic newsletters that convert paid subscribers. KMI’s daily newsletters do not cost their subscribers anything; however, they do serve several purposes. Along with providing subscribers informative news, articles and analysis for the real estate, mortgage, HR and insurance industries, KMI’s newsletters are used as a strategy to convert email subscription subscribers into paid print and digital consumer magazine subscribers and promote their ticketed conferences and events.

With a large percentage of their revenue relying on their email marketing results, KMI sought a reliable, comprehensive email marketing solution that would give them the ability to test various versions of their campaigns and target specific contacts based on their open patterns and behavior. Therefore, a multi-functional system that offered in-depth tracking and reporting was essential.

The Pinpointe Solution

After reviewing the features of numerous cloud-based email marketing software vendors, KMI felt Pinpointe best met their specific needs due to its comprehensive tracking capabilities and other market-leading features. Of these features, KMI especially liked Pinpointe’s website lead forms feature. The company now uses this feature to capture leads directly from their various electronic media sub-sites. KMI used a Pinpointe wizard to create separate newsletter subscription forms for each of their sub-sites. New subscribers complete these forms when they sign up to receive one of KMI’s free, industry-based newsletters. The information gathered through each form also gives KMI detailed information about new subscribers, which enables their marketing department to send targeted messages to them.

Another feature KMI finds particularly beneficial is Pinpointe’s powerful split testing – a feature that has drastically helped the company optimize their email marketing results. Split testing allows KMI to send out multiple variations of a newsletter campaign and have the results analyzed within Pinpointe. After determining the most successful version of the newsletter based on clicks or opens, Pinpointe automatically sends the it to the remaining subscribers within the targeted list. Prior to using this feature, KMI did not have a good indicator of what their audience responded to. 

To dive even deeper into campaign response, KMI regularly monitors their send results with Pinpointe’s detailed tracking and reporting capabilities. With features like complete campaign results reporting, KMI is able to view exactly how many people opened their newsletters, how many unsubscribed, which links were clicked and more. Behavioral targeting and link click-through details also allow KMI to drill down and view the email addresses of each contact that clicked on a specific link in a newsletter, along with all of their recent activities. This information gives KMI insight into what information and events their subscribers are interested and enables them to target specific subscribers for paid products.

The Benefits/Results

Pinpointe’s email marketing solution has been a very effective in enhancing KMI’s electronic newsletter program. Many of KMI’s campaigns achieve open rates of up to 45% and click through rate of up to 20%. 

With web integration features like Pinpointe’s website lead formsKMI generated over 1,300 new newsletter subscribers within the first 120 days of use and has converted numerous of those to paid print and digital consumer magazine subscribers. In addition, they have increased their paid ticket conference and event sales. Information gathered from lead forms also opens up more potential revenue for the company.

Campaign analysis through split testing combined with tracking and reporting details continues to give KMI an effective means to target their campaigns and increase sales for both paid print and digital consumer magazine subscribers and ticketed events. To date, approximately 40% of KMI event ticket sales have been generated through email marketing, and that number is actively rising.

Overall, Pinpointe provides KMI with an effective and reliable email marketing tool that has not only improved their newsletter program, but continues to expand their sales and prospecting opportunities. 

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