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Email Marketing Case Study - First National Capital Corporation



  • Financial Services


  • Required closed loop analysis to track and demonstrate results.
  • Limited marketing personnel.
  • Needed marketing automation features, but full marketing automation (Eloqua) was ‘overkill’


  • Use ‘send-on-behalf feature to send campaigns on behalf of sales reps
  • Closed loop tracking and reporting quantify marketing / campaign effectiveness.
  • Segmentation, dynamic content and behavioral targeting to improve responses.


  • Generated $70M in revenues and over $2.0M in gross profits using Pinpointe.
  • Funded 16 new projects
  • Reduced marketing expenses by $52,000 and did not require additional personnel.


“With Pinpointe we feel like a customer instead of a number. Pinpointe has been a great B2B partner supporting my transition into a new role for the company that has delivered over $2M to the bottom line."

"Creating an email campaign with Pinpointe is extremely easy and does not require coding knowledge. We are very pleased with our choice and the ROI.”

~ Michael Curtis
Vice President of Sales and Marketing




First National Capital Corporation (FNCC) provides equipment leasing and project finance solutions in aviation, construction, manufacturing, energy and mining, healthcare, technology, retail, and wholesale industries nationwide. First National Capital Aviation Finance, the aviation finance group of FNCC is solely dedicated to the General Aviation market segment. Industry focus throughout their portfolio of clients allows them to move quickly and deliver results, while providing valued clients with the best and most cost effective funding in the marketplace. FNCC provides diversified funding capability utilizing internal portfolios as well as debt syndication depending on the transaction size, credit quality and equipment/project type. The advantage of this strategy is a much larger product offering coupled with wider credit and investment windows for customers. Their solutions preserve and enhance borrowing capacity for other business opportunities and deliver bottom line impact that goes far beyond their aggressive rates.

The Challenges

Sometimes, even the best marketing automation system can be overkill. FNCC needed an inexpensive way to generate qualified leads for the sales team and the ability to track and quantify results generated from marketing efforts. The challenges were:

  • FNCC has a team of 20 representatives across the U.S. and Canada. The company needed the ability for the marketing department to send campaigns on behalf of the sales team with little or no sales team interaction.
  • FNCC has a limited marketing budget and limited in-house marketing resources
  • In 2009, FNCC tried unsuccessfully, a marketing automation solution (Eloqua) that was full-featured but expensive, complex and required time consuming set up, and full-time marketing administration to maintain.
  • Each email campaign needed to be tracked, monitoring open rates and click through rates to determine and measure effectiveness of campaigns
  • Marketing budgets and lead source generation needed to be tracked to determine if their ROI was effective.

Pinpointe Solution

Pinpointe worked closely with FNCC to deliver customized emails on behalf of their 20 regional sales representatives:

  • Using Pinpoint’s segmentation and dynamic field insertion features, FNCC creates an email template that is used to send an email campaign on behalf of each representative to their respective accounts and contacts.
  • The sales representative’s email address is used for the send-from and reply-to (instead of using a “general sales@” or “marketing@” email address). Prospects reply directly to their sales representative.
  • Dynamic fields are used within the email body to personalize each email and insert the respective sales rep’s contact information.
  • Using Pinpointe, FNCC closely tracks each email campaign, marketing budgets and lead sources so they can determine their effective ROI for their email budget.
  • All email marketing efforts, including campaign creation within Pinpointe, scheduling, sending and tracking emails on behalf of the US sales team and ROI analysis are performed by one person on a part time basis.

Results and Benefits

FNCC spent $69,000 for Eloqua in the previous year, vs. $16,000 for Pinpointe, and generated 16 closed deals representing over $70M in revenues and $2.0 M in gross profit margins.

Email Marketing  ROI Case Study - Financial Services


  • With no effort on the part of the sales force, all clients were regular recipients of each marketing campaign and sales increased dramatically with the addition of Pinpointe.
  • The ease, speed and accuracy of Pinpointe made it the obvious choice


FNCC’s previous solution was a good product, but had more features than FNCC could effectively utilize.

Pinpointe was selected as FNCC’s permanent solution over other products evaluated (Eloqua, Constant Contact and iContact) for the following reasons:

  • Pinpoint focuses on and understands the specific needs of Business to Business companies like FNC
  • The Pinpoint user interface is logical, intuitive and easy to use
  • Pinpointe was the most ‘feature-rich’ solution evaluated
  • Pinpointe support has been excellent

Download Pinpointe Customer Success Story - RCM

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