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B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing is a reliable approach for building and developing business relationships.  Wondering how this can benefit your business? If you are focused on keeping long-term partnership with your business customers and would like to show that you care about their needs providing periodic updates and useful information, your communication strategy should include business to business email marketing.

B2B email marketing differs from Business to Consumer or "B2C" marketing. B2B marketing is an effective and affordable way to create a distinct identity among prospective and existing business clients, including vendors, suppliers or large corporations vs end users or consumers.

If you are interested in email marketing for B2B communications, welcome to  Pinpointe's business to business email marketing solution is designed to assist medium enterprises and small businesses in their attempts to create and run effective email marketing campaigns.

We understand that every company has its own goals and budget. That's why Pinpointe B2B email marketing software is available in several editions. Pinpointe Professional Edition is an ideal option for small / medium businesses interested in sending from 5,000 up to 350,000 emails / month with a single user login.  Customers who require dedicated resources or who plan to send higher volumes, take advantage of our multi-user, cloud-based Enterprise Edition providing up to 250 user logins, dedicated servers and IP addresses and sending up to 10+ million emails per month.

It doesn't matter what Pinpointe edition you choose – all our pricing plans include access to the set of powerful features designed to maximize your marketing results. With our business to business email marketing system, you can inform your business clients about current news and deals, create multiple sequence of email campaigns, target your audience using any of available criteria as well as create, track and analyze your marketing communications easily.

Pinpointe's email marketing for B2B is an excellent way to make effective promotions and increase sales. Would you like to see Pinpointe in action? Sign up for a free trial account with the ability to send up to 1,000 emails for 15 days.

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