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Important Questions often Asked

Please check out our list of email marketing Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our pricing and product features.

Pricing Questions

What do I have to do to set up a Pinpointe Account and get started right away?

Getting started is easy – you can be up and running with Pinpointe’s email marketing service in no time. Simply select the appropriate account and sign up. We provide significant volume discounts and offer an additional 10% discount when you pre-pay for 6 months.

If you would like to see Pinpointe in action, please check out our product video:

Pinpointe Video Introduction

Is there a time-limited or other type of trial I can download?

Every account includes a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. However if you plan to send close to 5,000 emails per month or more, you can request a free trial at: www.pinpointe.com/free-trial (there is a nominal $1 processing fee to deter spammers.)

The trial account gives you 100% full functional access to the Pinpointe email marketing system and the ability to test with 1,000 emails for up to 15 days. Simply purchase credits before your trial expires and your account will be converted

If I sign up for the trial will my card be charged?

No – you will only be charged the $1. processing fee (see above.  We do *not* automatically bill you further unless you explicitly request  to have your trial account converted into a full account.

Do you have any additional methods of payment besides credit card or PayPal?

We accept both company check and direct wire transfers for corporate accounts. For company check or wire there is a minimum purchase of 6 months or $2,000 (whichever is lower.)  For more information regarding these forms of payment, please contact us.

Can you explain your pricing?

We offer the industry’s most flexible pricing.  Our pay-as-you-go prices allow you to pre-purchase credits that can be used any time during a 12 month period.  Unused credits *do* roll over each month, for up to 12 months.  We also offer a subscription based on the total number of active contacts you will upload and store in Pinpointe.  This plan is best for customers who send at least 2 times a month.  You are limited to sending to each contact in your list, a maximum of 6 times per month.  Finally, our per-email pricing is suited for customers sending once a month.  You select a plan based on the expected number of emails you will send each month.  The full email marketing price summary is available here.

Are there discounts for pre-payment?

The pre-payment options provide discounts on the standard pricing. You can pre-pay for 6 months and get a 10% discount.  We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card.

Do I have to sign a contract to use Pinpointe?

Nope. You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time when signing up for our email marketing services. You do however have to review and agree to our Terms of Service, which is described here.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged when you complete your order.

How long does it take to get my account set up?

We review every new account request to ensure our prospective customers are not joining with the intent of sending unwanted or abusive SPAM.  You will receive login details within 5-10 minutes.  Our system will check to confirm that your information is valid and then create an account.  You will receive an email with login details.

What happens if I want to send more emails?

If you need to send more marketing emails than your current plan allows you can upgrade, or you can purchase ‘top it off’ credits right from your account interface.

Can I take my subscriber email list with me if I want to cancel?

Absolutely. Your contacts and lists are your property. It’s easy to export your subscriber list into a text file which you can import into other applications. If you’d like to cancel you also have the option to delete all data related to your account including your email list, email messages and statistics.

Will you send Pinpointe promotions to my email list?

Absolutely not. We will never, ever send any emails to your email list. The only emails people on your email list will receive are the ones you send them using our system. The contacts you enter are your property.  Read our Privacy Policy here

What if I want to stop using your product?

You can cancel at any time, though we hope you won’t.  Please note that, for your security, once your account is closed we delete your confidential data and contacts from our system in 30 days.


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Getting Started

Is there training available?

Yes. Please start by reviewing our detailed email marketing training video. In just 20 minutes you’ll have all you need to know to be up to speed and send your successful campaigns.

The Pinpointe email marketing software also includes a full online help manual and an online knowledge base with hundreds of entries to help get you started. Plus the interface is easy and intuitive. Our support team is always available to help with tricky questions too.

For our corporate accounts that would like 1 on 1 training, just drop a note to your account manager and we will coordinate an online live product training / demonstration.

I have an opt-in list.  Do my contacts need to re-opt in to Pinpointe?

No – as long as your contacts have already provided you with their permission to send to them – we do not require you to ask your contacts to re-opt in to your list.

What if I don’t have an email list?

You can use Pinpointe’s website integration to add forms to a website and grow your list.  Using our website integration tools, your site visitors can sign up for your email list and their addresses are automatically imported in to your Pinpointe account. Other avenues for increasing your prospect list include trade shows, conferences and product purchases – any time you touch your customer, invite them to join your list.

Please note that Pinpointe is for sending permission-based, opt-in emails and we have a strict, zero-tolerance spam policy.  We do not permit customers to upload purchased or traded lists.  If you do not have permission for your company to send to a list, you cannot use our services.

I bought an opt-in list. Can I use it?

There is not such thing.  If a vendor tries to tell you they can sell you an opt-in list – they are being dishonest, plain and simple. Please do not even try uploading it. Our system has and advanced list analysis algoritm that checks every contact you upload.  We can detect a purchased, old or non-optin list with greater than 98% certainty.  And violation of our terms of service may result in immediate account termination without refund.

How do I get my lists and contacts imported in to my Pinpointe account?

Pinpointe accepts file imports in Comma Separated Value (.csv) format. Simply browse to where the file lives on your computer and let the Pinpointe wizard guide you through the import.

What happens to my list after I upload it into Pinpointe?

Your list is safe behind our heavily secured firewalls. It will reside in your Pinpointe account until you remove your list. Pinpointe will never rent, share or sell your list. For more details, please read our Email Privacy Policy and terms of Service.

How do I get my Microsoft Outlook contacts into Pinpointe?

To import an address file from Microsoft® Outlook®, you must export your Microsoft® Outlook® Contact folder to a .csv formatted file.

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Product Questions

Are my contact lists separate from other customer’s lists?

Yes. Each account is a completely isolated account. All of your contact lists, contacts, email templates and statistics are separate and specific to your information only. Pinpointe includes a permissions system that was developed over a 12-month period to make absolutely sure your data is safe, secure and separate from everyone else’s.

We are a Business to Consumer (“B2C”) company. Can we use your email marketing service?

Of course – as long as your contacts are all opt-in contacts and have explicitly agreed to receive information from your company. B2C companies will appreciate Pinpointe’s full features, technical support and ease-of-use. Our marketing webinars, tips and experience are focused on B2B businesses.

Is it possible to create personalized emails, e.g. ‘Dear Mr. NAME’ or ‘Dear Mrs. NAME’?

Most definitely. Personalizing your communications is highly recommended. Personalization can improve response rates by as much as 200%. When creating the template, simply select ‘insert variable field’ in the editor, select the field or fields, an you’re done.

Once you’ve created your Custom fields, create (or edit) your subscription form and select the Custom fields you’d like to display. Once you’ve added the subscription form to your website, users will be prompted to enter in the relevant information when subscribing to your contact list.

To insert a custom field into your email, click on the “Insert Custom Field” link underneath the WYSIWYG editor (HTML emails) or Text editor (Text Emails). A popup window will appear asking you to select the Custom Field you would like to insert.

Can I have custom fields like First name, Last name, Address in my subscription forms?

Yes, Pinpointe has the capability of allowing you to create unlimited “Custom fields” including names, addresses, dates and more. Simply select the “Manage Custom Fields” option (In the ‘Newsletter’ drop down menu) to create, edit and delete your custom fields.

Once you have created your custom fields, create a new subscription form (or edit your existing form) and select the custom fields you wish to include. Once you have done that, you’ll need to “Get HTML” for the subscription form and copy the new form HTML to your website.

To insert Custom Fields into your newsletter or Auto-Pilot campaign, click on the “Insert Custom Field” link underneath the WYSIWYG HTML editor (HTML emails) or underneath the Text Area (Text emails). A popup window will appear asking you to select which Custom Field you’d like to include.

Can I automatically send out emails after a specific time, such as after an hour, or a day, etc?

Yes, such automated emails are referred to as Pinpointe Auto-Pilot campaigns. Pinpointe allows unlimited Auto-Pilot campaigns that can be setup to send emails after a user signs up to the newsletter and a period of time has lapsed.

Pinpointe works with a delay based on hours after your contact joins your contact list. You can make this into days simply by adding together the hours. That is 24 hours is one day, 72 hours is 3 days and so on.

To do this, simply click on the Autoresponders tab in the control panel. Here you will be presented with the option of managing your existing auto-pilot campaigns as well as creating a new one. Clicking “Create Auto-responder” will prompt you with an easy to follow step-by-step wizard in creating your auto-pilot programs.

Can I suggest new features?

Absolutely, We love customer input, ideas, and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your feature suggestion – just send a note to your account manager, or send a note to info [at] pinpointe.com.

Does this product require users to download a browser plug-in?

No. Pinpointe is completely self contained and does not require any browser plug-ins.

Does Pinpointe support Google Analytics?

Yes! Pinpointe’s email marketing campaign features automatically add the appropriate information for your campaigns so that Google Analytics can track the results.

Do I need to know HTML to create an email campaign?

Not at all. You will be able to create beautiful html campaigns by simply pasting your content in to our wizard driven templates.

Is there a cost to customize the email templates?

Not at all – the templates are free and you can modify them as you wish. For example, you can add your own logo and pictures, change text color size and type. You can add or remove paragraphs as needed. If you are comfortable with XHTML or HTML, we offer you the ability to work in the code to get the “look and feel” that suits you. Simply click on the “Advanced Editor” link when editing your campaign.

Can I use my own HTML in Pinpointe?

Of course. You can create a custom template using your own HTML code or using our WYSIWYG editor.  Our customers mot frequently use Adobe Dreamweaver to create their own campaigns and ten import the code into Pinpointe.


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