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Take Action with Pinpointe’s Social Features

Take your email marketing campaigns to a new level by using Pinpointe’s easy-to-use social tools. Pinpointe Social is easy to use but powerful, and your campaigns will get a performance boost.

Social Features:

  • Make All Your Email Campaigns Social

  • Track Social Metrics

  • Mine Twitter Streams

  • Interact with Twitter Posts


Make Email Campaigns Social with Pinpointe.  Just 1 click to add social sharing

Make All Your Email Campaigns Social with Just a Click

With Pinpointe, you can magnify your email campaign results by automatically adding social follow, share and like buttons to your email marketing campaigns.

Adding social sharing to email campaigns is simple – you’ll enter your social accounts in the configuration tab, then create an email campaign.  Select ‘Insert Social’ from the pull-down menu.  We include several different social-share icon styles.  Pinpointe automatically inserts the social sharing code for recipients to ‘follow’, ‘share’ AND ‘like’ your email campaign when it’s sent.   

Track Social Share Metrics

When you send email campaigns through Pinpointe, your social links are automatically tracked so you can see exactly which recipients clicked your social links and shared your great campaign content!

Social sharing is great because you get an extra campaign response ‘boost’ every time someone shares a campaign.   

track social sharing metrics

Mine twitter feeds for important social trends

Mine Twitter Feeds for Key Trends (*)

If you’re using Pinpointe’s real time web analytics add-on, you can ‘mine’ twitter streams in real time for important information relevant to your business — like mentions of your company name, or important hash tags, and see real time results.

Get up to the minute information on the Twitter users who are talking about your company, your industry and your competitors, or any other information thats relevant to your business.  

Reply, Retweet From Pinpointe! (*)

If you’re using our real-time web analytics with Pinpointe’s award-winning email marketing service, you can even re-tweet and reply right here within Pinpointe!  With our real-time tweet mining of relevant information – Pinpointe’s social marketing system becomes a great lead prospecting tool to help you easily find interested prospects and interact with them.    

Reply to social tweets within Pinpointe's email marketing and social platform
* Available with Pinpointe Real-Time Site Analytics
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