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Pinpointe Abuse Center

You have reached Pinpointe On-Demand. Pinpointe began in 2008 to service the emerging needs of mid-sized business and digital agencies sending email communications. We take abuse reports very seriously and we go to great lengths to block fraudsters and spammers from accessing our system.

Report Abuse

If you suspect that a Pinpointe customer has sent spam, we want to know so we can investigate the issue.

Kindly forward the email, including the full email content and header to: or fill out the form below.

We’ll keep your email private – read our Privacy Policy.

How Pinpointe prevents abuse

  • We have a team of real human beings that review new accounts.
  • We require a credit card for identification purposes on all accounts, including trials.
  • We require all users to agree to our Terms of Service before they can use Pinpointe.
  • When a customer imports contacts into Pinpointe, they must explicitly acknowledge that their email contacts are opt-in contacts.
  • Our anti-abuse technology verifies email contacts when they are uploaded to Pinpointe. We can predict with surprising accuracy, whether your list is a purchased list and/or whether you have maintained proper list hygiene. Lists that do not meet our criteria must be removed from our system.
  • We automatically insert an unsubscribe link in every campaign sent from our system.
  • Hard bounces and undeliverable addresses are automatically removed system-wide. Soft bounces are removed after the fifth delivery failure.
  • Customers who violate our terms of service may be terminated and are not eligible for refund.

 How we deal with issues

  • We code every email campaign sent from our servers with information so that we can determine exactly who sent the email and when so that we can easily investigate and verify) abuse complaints.
  • When we receive complaints through our abuse form, we investigate immediately and require our customer to provide full proof of opt-in.
  • We’re registered with major ISPs to receive automated feedback loop alerts when any of our users’ recipients report abuse and/or spam. We remove the recipient from our user’s list(s). The number of spam complaints received is reported in the campaign statistics *in real time*. If complaint levels exceed thresholds, the customer account is suspended for investigation.
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