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How SPAM Impacts Your Brand [Infographic]

SPAM Impacts Your Brand. So Get Permission & Stay Relevant. 

SPAM has been an annoying email phenomenon since the first spam message was sent by DEC in 1978.  

People don't like getting emails in their inbox that isn't of interest or relevance to them. But how do individuals define SPAM and what actions do they take when you send SPAM? Most importantly for businesses – how does spamming impact your brand?  In fact the reaction to SPAM has become so strong that more nearly 29% of people who use email thing spammers should be sentenced to jail time – or even harsher punishment!

Our handy Infographic on Email Spam Issues explains how people react to spam.  Most importantly – check out how sending unwanted emails can harshly impact your company brand.

For people who think purchasing an email list is okay – you'll think twice after viewing the infographic below. 

[PS – You can learn how a SPAM firewall works in this webinar and downloading the slides plus Q and A]

 (download pdf of 'What do People Think of SPAM' here)







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