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Will DKIM Reduce Phishing and other Email ‘Spoofing’ Attacks?

DKIM is an email ‘authentication’ method that organizations and ESPs like Pinpointe use to verify to the recipient that the email is coming from a valid email server, and is not being ‘spoofed’ by a spammer.

In an interview, Mark Risher, the anti-abuse product manager for Yahoo Mail gives his perspective on how important DKIM signing is:

“I would describe it as profound. As we’re crossing the tipping point of this technology, we will see even small senders like a small bicycle shop sending out a newsletter using DKIM. It’s really moving us to a much better, more responsible, easier-to-manage network. As the receiver protecting the largest number of user in-boxes, there are messages we want and there are messages that we don’t want…”

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