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Displaying Video in Email – For Gmail Recipients

In our previous article we explained how to  embed video in your email campaigns.  It turns out that Gmail kind of supports video in email on a limited basis. If your video is under 25MB – you can include the video directly – but we don’t recommend this even though it technically works, because non-gmail recipients […]

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Message Deliverability

How to Use Videos to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Videos are considered to be the most effective marketing medium for brands and businesses. That is because 80% of web users remember a video ad they saw in the past 30 days. Moreover, shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase products or pay for services, compared to nonviewers. Have you ever […]

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Header-5 Essential Types of Videos Your Business Needs to Grow
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 5 Essential Types of Videos Your Business Needs to Grow

People Love Marketing Videos… A recent stat from HubSpot states 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. This makes sense because your customers are busy, and when it comes to marketing content, their attention spans are short-lived. Video marketing gives you a way to deliver your message more effectively – in […]

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video in email-everything you need to know
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Video in Email: Everything You Need to Know

Video marketing is a hot trend right now. It's not necessarily new. After all, 30-second TV commercials started airing decades ago. But today's video marketing is different. It's shorter, more impactful and on platforms that didn't exist when Leave it Beaver aired. There's a new era of video marketing and it's generating a lot of […]

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Embedding Video in Email – Overview

Embedding Video In Email – Overview

With the continuing growth of email, we're seeing an uptick in email customers asking about embedding video in email.  This led us to head off and investigate a few different questions:

  • Can video be embedded in email?
  • If Video can be embedded – how exactly do you do it?
  • How / when to use video in email – will your recipients care?
  • The future of Video in email

We'll cover each of these in a series of posts.

Can Video be Embedded in Email?

There are a handful of possible ways to embed video with an email – here's a quick rundown of the possibilities:

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