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Header-5 Essential Types of Videos Your Business Needs to Grow
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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 5 Essential Types of Videos Your Business Needs to Grow

People Love Marketing Videos… A recent stat from HubSpot states 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. This makes sense because your customers are busy, and when it comes to marketing content, their attention spans are short-lived. Video marketing gives you a way to deliver your message more effectively – in […]

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video in email-everything you need to know
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Video in Email: Everything You Need to Know

Video marketing is a hot trend right now. It's not necessarily new. After all, 30-second TV commercials started airing decades ago. But today's video marketing is different. It's shorter, more impactful and on platforms that didn't exist when Leave it Beaver aired. There's a new era of video marketing and it's generating a lot of […]

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Embedding Video in Email – Overview

Embedding Video In Email – Overview

With the continuing growth of email, we're seeing an uptick in email customers asking about embedding video in email.  This led us to head off and investigate a few different questions:

  • Can video be embedded in email?
  • If Video can be embedded – how exactly do you do it?
  • How / when to use video in email – will your recipients care?
  • The future of Video in email

We'll cover each of these in a series of posts.

Can Video be Embedded in Email?

There are a handful of possible ways to embed video with an email – here's a quick rundown of the possibilities:

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