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Delight Your Subscribers Through UX Design

What is UX Design? UX, or user experience, is just what it sounds like – the experience one has interacting with an object. UX principles ensure that a design is functional and purpose driven, giving users what they desire out of an interaction without encountering any unnecessary, distractions, obstructions, or difficulties in task completion. Good UX […]

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Is Your Email Marketing Improving Your Sales Cycle
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Is Your Email Marketing Improving Your Sales Cycle?

Five Underutilized Metrics That Truly Gauge Success or Failure While many outside the industry claim that email marketing is dead, those of us inside the industry know that email is alive and well. But how do you prove to the nay-sayers within your organization that email is improving the sales cycle? And even though for […]

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Webinar – Creating Landing Pages that Sell

Download PowerPoint   Download Q and A  In our continuing series of Email Marketing Webinars, we are delighted to be joined by Intenet strategist and copyrighter, Bob Bly, to present 'Creating Landing Pages that Sell".  All the website traffic in the world won’t earn you a dime unless your landing page can convert it into […]

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