Secrets of Successful B2B Lead Generation [Webinar]

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Here's the full recording and slides from our  recent Email Marketing Webinar, presented by guest presenter, Intenet strategist and copyrighter, Bob Bly.  Bob explains the 'Secrets of Successful B2B Lead Generation.'  You'll get a clear understanding of the Agora Model – a 'blueprint' methodology to help you grow your prospect database.

You will learn proven strategies to get more prospects into your sales funnel. We'll show you multiple ways to grow your email list and your sales lead funnel. Here are some ot the top take-aways form this event.


– The 'Agora Model' – A proven 'Client Acquisition Process' to generate more leads
– The chararacteristics of a successful offer
– The 3 Hottest Trends in B2B Marketing Today
– 6 Steps to Creating Irresistable B2B Offers 
– How to Increase Conversion Rates on your Landing Pages

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