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How to Improve Email Responses & Make Clients Beg for Your Emails

William Shakespeare once said "Boldness be my friend," and if you're wondering how this relates to email marketing strategies, you may want to take a closer look at how you communicate with your customers prospects and subscribers.  A recent Hubspot blog post praised an "automatic opt-out campaign" used by ecommerce company Fab that decided to actually remove customers from its email lists if they hadn't opened the company's messages for a certain period of time.

Pretty bold, huh?

While all companies shouldn't blindly copy Fab's innovative email strategy, here are a few valuable takeaways that will help you improve email response rates 

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Anatomy of a (Well Crafted) Landing Page

Our recent webinar 'Creating Landing Pages that Sell', with industry expert Bob Bly, is jam-packed with nearly an hour of tips and landing page examples.  If you're just getting started – here's a short overview of the Anatomy of a Landing Page.  Read on

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DKIM Email Authentication

What is DKIM Email Authentication  Email authentication is a way to say, "This email is from Pinpointe's servers, but it's being sent on behalf of me, so you can trust it." It basically prevents your email from looking spoofed (like a forgery).  DKIM is the e-mail authentication standard developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force […]

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Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

At Pinpointe, we see very smart customers make mistakes that cause their email response rates to suffer.  Here are the most common mistakes we see our new customers make:  Not running the SPAM checker Pinpointe has a built-in email SPAM checker that evaluates your email content using the popular spamassassin spam engine, gives you a […]

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Email Marketing Metrics: Open Rates

 Many of our webinar attendees and customers are unclear how email open rates are tracked, and email open tracking has some caveats so it is important to understand the tracking mechanisms.  In this 3-part blog we’ll cover email marketing metrics – starting with email open rates.  Other important email marketing metrics you may want to […]

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Hard and Soft Bounces… What’s the Difference?

Each Webinar series we run, we get questions about the difference between hard and soft bounces. A 'Hard' bounce is a permanent fatal error such as – the domain no longer exists (company went out of business), the email does not exist (the person retired / left the company / died). Most Email solutions, including […]

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The Ideal Email Subject Line Length

We ran multiple experiments on subject lines and summarized one particular case study example in our recent webinar: “Use Split Testing to Improve Email Responses (you can download the slides and view the on-demand version). Here are the email subject variations:

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CAN SPAM Act: Update

During each of our Email Marketing Webinars, we get questions about CAN-SPAM regulations, so I thought it would be useful to review the CAN SPAM laws.  You will note in this post that, contrary to popular belief, ‘opt-in’ is surprisingly not a legal requirement. Offering additional impetus for the timeliness of the topic: we just passed the […]

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