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Universally Supported CSS and HTML for Email Designs

HTML and CSS in Email Design

If you’re creating HTML emails – then here’s a table you’ll want to bookmark.  If you’ve followed our blog – you know that top email clients like Gmail and Outlook and beyond only support about 50% of all html and css.  That’s why your well crafted email design that follows otherwise best-practices for website design – just might look.. well, really bad.

Below – with help from – we’ve summarized the universally supported html and CSS tags. These can be used and will render properly in any email client (excluding Lotus Notes.  Notes supports the following HTML but only supports the CSS properties with an *).

Pinpointe customers can use our email campaign preview tool to check and validate HTML before sending. The inbox preview tool previews emails in 40+ top email clients and points out HTML and CSS code that won’t work correctly.  Also note – the CSS properties below should be used INLINE (not in an embedded style sheet, but with a style=”…” directive), since some clients like Gmail strip embedded style sheets.


background background-color border
border-bottom border-bottom-color border-bottom-style
border-bottom-width border-color border-left
border-left-color border-left-style border-left-width
border-right border-right-color border-right-style
border-right-width border-style border-top
border-top-color border-width * color
* display * font * font-family
* font-size * font-style font-variant
font-weight height letter-spacing
line-height * list-style-type padding
padding-bottom padding-left padding-right
padding-top table-layout * text-align
* text-decoration text-indent text-transform




a class, href, id, style, target
b class, id, style
br class, id, style
div align, class, dir, id, style
font class, color, face, id, size, style
h1 align, class, dir, id, style
h2 align, class, dir, id, style
h3 align, class, dir, id, style
h4 align, class, dir, id, style
h5 align, class, dir, id, style
h6 align, class, dir, id, style
head dir, lang
hr align, size, width
img align, border, class, height, hspace, id, src, style, usemap, vspace, width
label class, id, style
li class, dir, id, style, type
ol class, dir, id, style, type
p align, class, dir, id, style
span class, id, style
strong class, id, style
table align, bgcolor, border, cellpadding, cellspacing, class, dir, frame, id, rules, style, width
td abbr, align, bgcolor, class, colspan, dir, height, id, lang, rowspan, scope, style, valign, width
th abbr, align, background, bgcolor, class, colspan, dir, height, id, lang, scope, style, valign, width
tr align, bgcolor, class, dir, id, style, valign
u class, id, style
ul class, dir, id, style


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