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Embedding Video in Email – Overview

Embedding Video In Email – Overview

With the continuing growth of email, we're seeing an uptick in email customers asking about embedding video in email.  This led us to head off and investigate a few different questions:

  • Can video be embedded in email?
  • If Video can be embedded – how exactly do you do it?
  • How / when to use video in email – will your recipients care?
  • The future of Video in email

We'll cover each of these in a series of posts.

Can Video be Embedded in Email?

There are a handful of possible ways to embed video with an email – here's a quick rundown of the possibilities:

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Dealing with CSS Styles in Email

As an email marketer you have probably already discovered that getting your newsletter or email campaign to display as you intended across the main email clients can be a challenge.  The most popular email clients in business for example – Gmail (including Gmail for Businesses) and Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2010 are pretty restrictive and […]

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What is a “spam honeypot” or Spamtrap?

ISPs and spam tracking services like Spamhaus and SORBS rely on spamtraps or 'honeypots' to catch spammers – but what exactly is a 'spam honeypot' and how do you avoid hitting them? The bulk of the spamtraps and honeypots today are from dormant email accounts and/or closed domains.  The logic is simple: a 'dead email […]

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Use RSS to Keep Email Subscribers Informed

RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is an excellent tool to help you ‘push’ relevant content to subscribers who want to keep up with your latest blog entries.  For example you can subscribe to Pinpointe’s Blog RSS feed here. Why should you care about RSS and how can you use it? Keep you pulse on your market.  […]

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Email Authentication – DKIM and SPF: Which ISP’s are Checking?

At Pinpointe, we’ve been using DKIM and SPF for nearly a year for our customers – at no extra charge.   If you want to know more about which ISP’s are presently using Authentication and/or Authorization to verify the validity of your email (and thereby decide whether to deliver your email or possibly drop it into […]

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11 Common SPAM Content Mistakes

If you send email campaigns long enough, you will run into spam filter issues.  As a legitimate email marketer you can still expect 20%+ of your emails to just get lost in cyberspace, mostly due to overzealous spam filters.  SPAM filters / firewalls use multiple techniques to determine whether your legitimate business email is SPAM […]

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Tracking Clicks for HTML & Text Emails

Clicks can be tracked for both HTML *and* text based emails (and multi-part emails too since that includes both HTML and text).  How?  Pretty easily.  When your email campaign goes out (assuming you have selected ‘enable tracking’), Pinpointe automatically converts your actual link to a link to a Pinpointe redirect program.  When a recipient clicks […]

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