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Eryn Branham is the Director of Marketing for Pinpointe On-Demand, Inc. She has over a decade of experience in marketing, email marketing and graphic design.
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A/B Testing, Webinars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Which Test Won? How to Improve Your Email Marketing with A/B Split Testing

We all think we have good marketing instincts – but how often are we actually right? This is a different take on a webinar replay. Play along and test yourself as Jeanne Jennings shares A/B split tests from work she’s done for clients and challenges you to guess ‘which test won’ before she reveals the […]

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Content Marketing, Landing Page Tips, Webinars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Landing Pages That Convert

10 Must-Have Page Elements to Drive More Revenue Do you know what makes a high-converting landing page? Nearly all successful landing pages have specific key elements in common, and we want to show you what those conversion points are. Pinpointe and marketing strategist Antoine Dupont show you how to design a landing page that converts […]

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On-Demand YouTube Webinar
Social Media, Social Media Marketing Tips, Webinars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | 7 YouTube Hacks & Tactics To Gain a Large Following

Frustrated with your lack of success with your YouTube channel?  Do you wonder why your YouTube videos aren’t delivering the results you demand? Are you baffled by the YouTube algorithm?  In this exciting and insightful on-demand webinar, Pinpointe and YouTube marketing strategist Antoine Dupont share the latest secrets to boost traffic to your YouTube channel […]

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Content Marketing, Email Design Tips, Landing Page Tips, Webinars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | How to Use Personalized Images & Countdown Timers in Email & Landing Pages to Drive More Engagement

It’s not always easy to stand out in crowded inboxes, especially since the average person receives about 120 business emails a day. How can you make your emails stand out? Consider adding a personalized image or a countdown timer to your next campaign to drive engagement. Ready to learn how? Pinpointe, your go-to email marketing […]

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How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Process
Content Marketing, Webinars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Process

Content marketing is an indispensable marketing tool that every marketer uses to some extent. However, most content marketers fail in their efforts and often fall short of meeting their content marketing objectives. In this on-demand event, Pinpointe and digital marketing expert, Shane Barker, will help you design and use an effective content marketing process for […]

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