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Which is Better: Person’s Name or Company for Send-From Address?

Our goal as marketers is to develop a ‘relationship’ with our audience.  Generally speaking, people respond to people better than they respond to ‘things’ – like your company.

Based on our split testing, we’ve found that in most cases, you’ll see better results by using a specific contact person (yourself for example) vs. a general address like ‘support@’ or ‘sales@’, or just using your Company name.

Your recipients take only a second or two to decide whether or not to open your email. If they do not recognize your company, they are likely to skip over the email. Also, general addresses are less personal, which reduces open rates.

Actual Results

Based on analysis of various campaigns across our system we have seen that using a specific personal name vs. a general email address as the send-from’ address can improve the net open rate by 15% – 35% (or more), with a similar coresponding lift in click-through rates.

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