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Secrets of Successful B2B Lead Generation [Webinar]

Secrets of Successful B2B Lead Generation from Pinpointe on Vimeo. Download PowerPoint     Here's the full recording and slides from our  recent Email Marketing Webinar, presented by guest presenter, Intenet strategist and copyrighter, Bob Bly.  Bob explains the 'Secrets of Successful B2B Lead Generation.'  You'll get a clear understanding of the Agora Model - a 'blueprint' methodology to help you grow your prospect database. You will learn proven strategies to get more prospects into your sales funnel. We'll show you multiple ways to grow your email list and your sales lead funnel. Here are some ot the top take-aways form this event. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: – The 'Agora Model' – A proven 'Client Acquisition Process' to generate more leads – The chararacteristics of a […]

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Secrets of Successful Content Marketing [Webinar]

Increase Leads with Content-Based Marketing from Pinpointe on Vimeo. Download PowerPoint   Download Q and A  In our continuing series of Email Marketing Webinars, we are delighted to be joined by Intenet strategist and copyrighter, Bob Bly, to present 'Generate More Leads with Content Marketing'.  Offering white papers and other free content as premiums can double the response to your lead generation and email marketing campaigns. In this session, you will learn how to create free content offers that generate more leads while achieving other marketing objectives. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: 5 reasons to offer free white papers in your marketing. The 4 characteristics of a successful offer. Choosing white paper titles and topics with the strongest appeal. Generate twice […]

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quick tips

7 Quick Tips to Improve Email Results

With 2011 on the horizon, email marketers can take this time to prepare successful strategies. Here are a few tips to improve performance and increase ROI for a strong new year:

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8 Tips for Better Autoresponder Welcome Emails

Autoresponder welcome emails are the "bait" that will determine whether you can reel those potential clients you have attracted to your business to your business through email subscription sign-ups, and convert them into customers. In case you’re not familiar, an email autoresponder is an email marketing message or a sequence of messages that get sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide. Autoresponder welcome emails are usually sent right after a person signs up for your company’s marketing emails. And while new subscribers may be familiar with your business and product or service, the first email you send is your chance to really knock their socks off and convince them why your email messages are worth their time. Bob Bly, noted internet strategist, talks about using 'digital […]

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Email Marketing – Delivery Insights [Infographic]

Email Marketing is still top dawn when it comes to online marketing performance. But navigating the seas off email delivery challenges can be difficult.   In our handy infographic here, we've highlighted the top steps you can take to improve your sending reputation — and increase the chance of getting to the inbox.   The time of day and day of the week can also dramatically impact overall email campaign response rates – see below for tips in when people are more likely to open and respond to email.  Keep in mind though – that every audience is different.  Best bet is to test different times to see what timing your audience prefers. You might also like our handy Infographic […]

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Email Marketing Metrics Everyone Should Know

Every email marketer is familiar with email camapaign open and click-through rates and while these metrics are important, they shouldn't be the only ones you rely on to determine the success of your email marketing programs (especially since tracking email campaign open rates can be problematic).   Understanding key email marketing metrics will help you determine whether your emails are achieving their target goals, like reaching new clients, strengthening customer loyalty or boosting the brand image. In fact, using refined metrics may lead your marketing team to update its goals.  Of course don't stop at just understanding email campaign metrics.  Here's a look at a broader range of essential website metrics to complement this article. Tried-and-True Email Marketing Metrics You've Gotta Know Here's a quick […]

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How SPAM Impacts Your Brand [Infographic]

SPAM Impacts Your Brand. So Get Permission & Stay Relevant.  SPAM has been an annoying email phenomenon since the first spam message was sent by DEC in 1978.   People don't like getting emails in their inbox that isn't of interest or relevance to them. But how do individuals define SPAM and what actions do they take when you send SPAM? Most importantly for businesses – how does spamming impact your brand?  In fact the reaction to SPAM has become so strong that more nearly 29% of people who use email thing spammers should be sentenced to jail time – or even harsher punishment! Our handy Infographic on Email Spam Issues explains how people react to spam.  Most importantly – check out how sending unwanted […]

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New Features – Pinpointe v3 Enhances Automated Emails

We've been busy adding a lot of updates and enhancements to Pinpointe to improve ease of use and extend functionality, particularly with autoreaponsers and triggers (now called 'Automated Emails' in Pinpointe.)   Here's a rundown of the new features and enhancements. We'll be adding new responsive / mobile friendly email templates shortly too!  Simplify ‘View Autoresponders’ Display The interface to display and interact with Automated Emails have been substantially updated.  You can now:  View all autoresponders at once vs. having to click on each list  Create autoresponders directly by clicking on a list  See a summary of campaign results for each autoresponder  Much more… AUTORESPONDER –   Enhancements Create Autoresponder -> Remove the 'My First-Name / Last Name Custom Field […]

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Top 10 Reasons for SPAM Complaints

When recipients report your email as spam – it impacts your email delivery rates pure and simple, so as a responsible email marketer, taking steps to lower your SPAM complaints will improve your email campaign results.   What exactly is a SPAM Complaint? When one of your email recipients marks a message as spam, their email client uses a feedback loop  to tell Pinpointe that  a complaint was made. Here’s how the “mark as spam” button looks  in yahoo for example: Yahoo's 'Report SPAM' button Your recipients can also contact Pinpointe directly and complain (usually by sending your email to 'abuse -at- pinpointe.com directly.  Recipients usually only do this when they're really mad at you!)  At Pinpointe, any subcriber who reports your well-crafted email […]

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4 Tips for Writing Emails People Want to Read

Have you collected heaps of behavioral data related to clients' needs, purchase habits and email activity history? Good. Do you have a partnership with one of the best email marketing automation providers? Great. These are crucial steps to launching a campaign that can strengthen existing relationships and boost customer sales.

Content creation isn't always easy, but it's something you have to master. Putting enough research, time and thought into your messages will pay off big time in terms of subscriber response rates and customer loyalty.  So before you pull out your writer's quill (or keyboard), take these tips into account …

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Email Autoresponder Campaigns | 4 Tips to Make Them Shine

Autoresponder campaigns should be the workhorse of your email marketing efforts.  Autoresponders are the perfect way to automate email communication streams so you can get more done with less effort.  When carried out right – they generate great results and provide added benefits, including brand recognition, stronger relationships with existing clients, a firmer grasp on potential customers and, ultimately, higher sales. 

Sadly – many B2B ("Business to Business") marketers aren't fully utilizing email autoresponders.  A random sampling of 500 of the 'Inc 5000' businesses shows the following [learn more...]

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Example Autoresponders | 3 You Should Master Today

Autoresponders are like email marketing on autopilot.  With the right software and message strategy, autoresponder campaigns (aka 'drip marketing campaigns') can strengthen relationships with existing customers, move prospects along the 'sales education' process and boost the brand's reputation as an expert in the field.

Marketing-Schools.org points out that drip marketing efforts also tend to result in higher sales.  There are several types of drip marketing campaigns, and if done right, these efforts give new prospects and current customers exactly what they want or need – whether it's specific details about your products or services or help making the right purchasing decision.

If you're not sure where to start with your first autoresponders, here are three examples of autoresponder sequences to consider.

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7 Tips To Make Your Content Marketing a Home Run

Online content has grown to take up a larger portion of companies' marketing budgets. A recent  Econsultancy and SoDA Digital Marketing Outlook Report  found 39 percent of respondents were boosting the percentage of their marketing spending that goes toward digital efforts. Content marketing, an increasingly important aspect of digital, will be a part of that. So how do you make sure you get the most bang for your buck with your content marketing efforts? Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

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How to Improve Email Responses & Make Clients Beg for Your Emails

William Shakespeare once said "Boldness be my friend," and if you're wondering how this relates to email marketing strategies, you may want to take a closer look at how you communicate with your customers prospects and subscribers.  A recent Hubspot blog post praised an "automatic opt-out campaign" used by ecommerce company Fab that decided to actually remove customers from its email lists if they hadn't opened the company's messages for a certain period of time.

Pretty bold, huh?

While all companies shouldn't blindly copy Fab's innovative email strategy, here are a few valuable takeaways that will help you improve email response rates 

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How to Remove your IP from ATTs Blacklist

As with all of our articles on email blacklist management – we assume you are being a responsible email netizen and not sending spam.  And we also assume you're probably an Email administrator.   If you're an individual and you're having email delivery issues, you'll probably need the help of your IT team to get access to some of the information here.  Better yet – send them to this link directly.   If you are having delivery issues with other domains too (and you're not sending spam) then this article will help you determine if your email servers are on other email blacklists.  Of course you could move your email campaigns to an email service provider like Pinpointe and let us deal […]

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How to Check Microsoft’s Blacklist

Are you suspicious that Microsoft Exchange is blocking your emails?  If you're looking for a site to check if your IP address are on Microsoft's blacklist – look no further:  Microsoft Exchange's blocklist is privately maintained so you can't query it directly.  However, we'll show you how to find out if your emails are being blocked by Microsoft and how to request removal from the Microsoft blacklist. This article only applies to email blocked by Microsoft's Hosted Exchange.  You'll need to check this article to learn more about blacklist issues with Microsoft Hotmail.com or Microsoft msn.com email services. As with all of our articles on email blacklist management – we assume you are being a responsible email netizen and not sending spam.  And we also assume you're probably an Email […]

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