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Pinpointe On-Demand, Enterprise Edition

Be 100% in control of your email reputation without the hassle of managing your own mail servers. Pinpointe On-Demand, Enterprise Edition is a multi-user, cloud-based, dedicated instance of Pinpointe, suited for medium and large enterprises sending from 250,000 to 10 Million+ emails / month.

Why use your own email servers for outbound email campaigns and large scale customer communications? Take advantage of Pinpointe’s 99.9% uptime and email infrastructure knowledge. Don’t lose sleep over server or network failures or email deliverability issues. We manage email system backups and service continuity and can help manage your email reputation for maximum deliverability.

Summary of Pinpointe Enterprise Edition Features

Dedicated, Reliable Email Infrastructure

Pinpointe’s Enterprise Edition email marketing solution includes end-to-end dedicated infrastructure. You’ll have your own, full-featured instance of Pinpointe On-Demand running on an isolated virtual server, dedicated virtual ‘MTA’s (outbound email servers), dedicated IP addresses and your own dedicated application login(s).

We even set up and configure your SPF and DKIM records to maximize deliverability.

100% Private Label / White Label

Your customers and prospects only see your branding, not ours. Every aspect of Enterprise edition is ‘white labeled’, including URLs, images, branding and even the outbound mail servers.

Create 4 ~ 250 User Accounts

Create and manage up to 250 separate user accounts. Each user has access to their own email campaign statistics area where they can view, print and export reports such as email opens, click tracing and more.

Set access controls for each account to enable/disable email marketing campaign features. Define user roles such as ‘List Manager’ or ‘Campaign Manager’ – and restrict what functionality each user can access.

You can decide whether to set each account to be completely isolated from each other, or whether lists, email campaign templates and statistics can be shared between one or more accounts.

Reputation Management

We help manage your email reputation. We set up email feedback loops with major ISPs and manage removal from most blacklists when appropriate. We’ll alert you if your email marketing campaigns cause above average spam complaints.

Dedicated Account Manager + Phone Support

Enterprise customers receive a dedicated account manager and phone support during regular business hours. Customers can always take advantage of our live chat, responsive email support and available email marketing knowledgebase with hundreds of support articles.

Manage Subscribers

Email bounces and people who unsubscribe are automatically removed from each list. Create a global suppression list of contacts that should be globally banned.

Scales Incredibly Well

Pinpointe Enterprise Edition is based on our proven Pinpointe platform, so you can confidently schedule and track email campaigns and send 10 million+ emails / month. With Enterprise Edition, store up to 20 million contacts records with custom fields.

Integrated XML API

The powerful XML API is used to add and remove contacts to/from a list, retrieve and update contact details, check if a contact is on the list and more.

Salesforce.com Synch

With Enterprise Edition, you can synchronize your Salesforce.com contacts into Pinpointe.  When email records bounce, you can synchronize the bounce status and unsubscribe status back into salesforce.com.

Per-User Settings / Access Control

You have full control to define limits for each user login. Items that can be configured include:

Granular Access Control

Determine whether a user can send emails, view lists, see statistics, export contacts, edit/create campaigns and/or email templates. Decide whether users can see only their own lists or templates, or whether certain campaigns / templates / lists can be viewed by multiple people.

Enable / Disable Features

Decide which features are enabled for each user login. Restrict access to features like Surveys, Split Testing and Dynamic Content Insertion and website integration.

Per-User Email Templates

Create and upload custom email marketing templates for each user and these templates will not be visible to other users.

“My Account” Page for each user

Users can modify their own details including password and contact information, timezone and default send-from / reply-to addresses.

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