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Pinpointe On-Demand Version 3 includes these exciting new features to help you squeeze the most out of our marketing efforts:

  • Free, Unlimited Online Surveys
  • Dynamic Content
  • Enhanced Support, including Live Chat

Create online surveys in minutes

Every Pinpointe account includes free surveys so you can collect unlimited survey results right from within Pinpointe. Use Pinpointe’s drag & drop survey editor to quickly create a customized survey. Drop in your logo and you’re ready to start collecting results. Once your survey is done, simply create an email campaign in Pinpointe and link to your survey to collect results. You can even set up autoresponders that trigger based on survey results.

Pinpointe collects your responses so you can review, browse and analyze results, or export them to Excel for further processing and reporting.

Survey Features

Example Uses

Survey Features - Pinpointe Email Marketing

Customer Insights

Measure customer satisfaction.  Gain new product insights or learn more about purchasing interests of customer prospects.

Employee Feedback

Conduct employee performance reviews, measure employee satisfaction or gather feedback on corporate issues.

Online Training

Pinpointe’s surveys are ideal for speakers and training companies.  Use Pinpointe’s drag ‘n drop survey creator to easily conduct tests, course evaluations and post-course opinion surveys.

Market Research

Use Pinpointe’s unlimited surveys are an ideal tool for product managers, product marketing and sales teams.

Maximize Customer Engagement

Getting great feedback from your contact list couldn’t be easier. With Pinpointe’s unlimited surveys you can collect data from several sources:

  • Post a survey link to your survey on your website or blog
  • Include a survey link in transactional emails, like order confirmation and monthly statements
  • Create event registration forms with survey questions

Automatically Follow Up

Use Pinpointe auto-responders and trigger campaigns to respond to people who participate in your surveys, or create automated ‘drip marketing’ campaigns based on survey responses.

Dynamic Content Substitution

Dynamic content processing allows you to personalize a section of your email message based on custom field values. For example, if the subscriber’s hobby is golf, you can show a golf ball. If it’s hockey, you can show a hockey stick, etc.

Dynamic content substitution permits you to ‘assemble’ a completely customizable email for your recipients, based on their unique interests and your specific targeting.

Enhanced Services

Live Chat Support. With Pinpointe 3.0, all customers can enjoy Live Chat service. Simply login to your account and you’ll have online access to our staff of product specialists who can assist you with your questions. Live chat is included free for all customers.

Training. Free online training session with a product specialist

Dedicated Phone Support. Phone support is available for out high volume Enterprise Customers

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