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Trade Show Internet Integrates Pinpointe Into LeadCatalyst iPad App

iPad Application Ties into Pinpointe Cloud Email Marketing – Revolutionizes Tradeshow Lead Capture and Management

SANTA CLARA, CA — Pinpointe, a leading Cloud-Based Email Marketing Vendor for mid-sized enterprises, announced that Trade Show Internet has integrated Pinpointe into LeadCatalyst – an iPad application for managing lead capture at trade shows and events. The resulting application delivers robust, email marketing functionality and prospect tracking in the full-featured trade show management iPad application. Trade Show Internet evaluated many email-marketing vendors and selected Pinpointe based on Pinpointe’s excellent service, support, and the simplicity of application integration.

Trade Show Internet’s flagship iPad application, ‘LeadCatalyst’, changes prospect management and lead capture at trade shows and events. LeadCatalyst gives exhibitors the ability to function “off the grid” at events by avoiding the in-house Internet service and the one-size-fits-all lead retrieval scanner – at a cost savings of up to 40%.

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Bringing Cloud-Based Email to Trade Show Management

LeadCatalyst transparently ties to Pinpointe’s cloud-based email marketing platform from the trade show floor to automate the entire lead capture and follow up process for trade show prospects.

iPad based questionnaires are produced using Pinpointe’s web-based surveys and results are captured directly and stored in the ‘Pinpointe cloud’ for easy access and reporting. All captured leads are also pushed directly to Pinpointe. LeadCatalyst uses Pinpointe’s email autoresponders to manage drip-marketing email campaigns and trigger an immediate thank-you message to each captured lead. A follow on sequence of targeted email campaigns can also be customized and set up to automatically send, further accelerating the movement of qualified leads through the sales funnel to convert into customers.

The post-show LeadCatalyst report includes all of the contact and survey data collected, along with behavioral qualifiers showing which prospects opened each email campaign and clicked on specific links. The advanced reporting features allow sales teams to focus their efforts on contacting the qualified leads that are actively engaged.

In addition to the LeadCatalyst application, Trade Show Internet uses Pinpointe to invite prospective customers to events where they are exhibiting and to create, send and track email campaigns after each event to maximize engagement with prospects. With Pinpointe, Trade Show Internet can easily report on recipients who open each campaign and click on specific links, so the sales team can prioritize follow up efforts.

Pinpointe Service and Reliability

“Pinpointe provides a robust, professional platform that serves as the back-end engine to drive our LeadCatalyst solution. Pinpointe’s professionally managed data center and world class customer support enable us to process thousands of lead sign-ups and email autoresponders on behalf of our clients with 99.99% up-time,” said Ian Framson, Trade Show Internet’s CEO.

“Trade Show Internet was also able to easily integrate our application with Pinpointe and take advantage of Pinpointe’s auto-responders, web forms and survey features to function as our application ‘back-end’. In the future we look forward to adding more features, tracking and application flexibility to LeadCatalyst by taking advantage of Pinpointe’s extensive API.” He added.

What Sets Pinpointe Apart?

Pinpointe solves the unique needs of mid-market, B2B, and digital agencies with scalable, feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing. Pinpointe’s “Business Class” email marketing vendor closes the emerging gap between email marketing and marketing automation needs.

Mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies require advanced email marketing features not available in many email marketing products. Customers are faced with the prospect of upgrading to a more expensive, complex marketing automation solution. Pinpointe’s intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities, including segmentation and “send on behalf of” features, plus optional multi-user login options, fill the void.

About Pinpointe

Pinpointe’s affordable, cloud-based email marketing platform empowers B2B marketers to target and personalize their email communications based on their prospect’s actions and previous responses. Pinpointe’s email marketing helps marketers stay in touch with their prospects and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team.

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