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Pinpointe Signs Record Number of New Customers

Pinpointe Signs Record Number of Email Marketing Customers

Cloud Email Marketing Vendor Succeeds with Mid-Market Businesses and Enterprises

Santa Clara, California – Pinpointe, a leading Email Marketing Vendor for mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies sending permission-based email communications, today announced that it completed its most successful yearly results for 2011. The privately held, Silicon Valley company increased its customer base by more than 60% and achieved new record revenues each quarter in 2011.

In it’s most recent quarter, 16% of Pinpointe's new customers are automating their email campaigns for the first time, while the balance of new customers migrated from a wide range of current email marketing solutions including Vertical Response, Constant Contact and iContact, MailChimp and ExactTarget.

The top reasons for migrating to Pinpointe are Pinpointe's extended features and the Company's responsive technical support. Pinpointe signed new customers across multiple industry verticals, including Software / Technology, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Professional Services and the Medical industries. The company's continued success reaffirms that companies will continue to allocate budget for products like Pinpointe's that have a demonstratable and measurable return on investment.

Top Annual Achievements – 2011:

  • Increased Customer base by 62%
  • Released Pinpointe Enterprise Edition – Cloud-Based Email for mid-tier Enterprises sending 500k ~ 10 million emails / month
  • Released Pinpointe Agency Edition –Private Labeled, Cloud-Based Email for Digital Agencies
  • Delivered Integration with – Allows customers to synchronize their contacts from into Pinpointe.
  • Earned several Email Marketing Awards

Email Marketing – Industry Recognition

The company continued positive evaluations of its service by independent email marketing reviews and industry analysts. Pinpointe’s features and performance comparisons show the product offering to be more full-featured than competitors, while uniquely filling the growing gap between email marketing and marketing automation products.

In 2011, Pinpointe achieved top recognition, including:

Pinpointe Helps Customers Improve Results

Pinpointe consistently gains high marks for quality customer support, ease of use and advanced email marketing features often not available in other email marketing products.

Pinpointe's integrated SPAM score checking tool helps companies test their campaigns for Spam-Assassin SPAM score, while the campaign previewer ensures that marketers can preview their campaigns in each of the leading email clients to ensure they will display properly, before sending.

Pinpointe’s email autoresponders (also known as drip marketing), help customers magnify their email campaign results

Pinpointe offers a monthly series of free, instructional Webinars that educate their customers and prospects on marketing best practices, techniques and approaches to improve marketing results.

Pinpointe Solving Mid-Market Business Marketing Needs

Pinpointe solves the unique needs of mid-market Business and digital agencies with scalable, feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing. Pinpointe’s “Business Class” email marketing solution closes the emerging gap between email marketing and marketing automation needs while also scaling to support the email volume and cloud-based resource requirements of mid-tier businesses sending from 25,000 – 5 million or more emails / month.

Mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies require advanced email marketing features not available in many email marketing products. Customers are faced with the prospect of upgrading to a more expensive and sometimes, complex marketing automation solution. Pinpointe’s intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities, including segmentation and “send on behalf of” features, plus optional multi-user login options, fill the void. In contrast, many other email marketing services are designed for small businesses and individuals with smaller lists, lower sending requirements and less sophisticated feature requirements.

With Pinpointe's behavioral targeting and personalization, marketers can target prospects based on their actual activities and responses. Integration with Google Analytics allows customers to directly analyze website traffic generated as a result of their email campaigns.

About Pinpointe

Pinpointe’s affordable, cloud-based email marketing platform empowers B2B marketers to target and personalize their email communications based on their prospect’s actions and previous responses. Pinpointe’s email marketing helps marketers stay in touch with their prospects and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team.

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