Pinpointe “Measures Up” To Nikon Metrology Inc.’s Email Marketing Needs

SANTA CLARA, CA – Pinpointe, a leading Cloud-Based Email Marketing Vendor  for mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies, announced that Nikon Metrology, a world leader in measuring and metrology solutions, has completed a case study with Pinpointe for email marketing.

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Nikon Metrology, Inc. offers the most complete and innovative metrology product portfolio, including state-of-the-art vision measuring instruments complemented with optical and mechanical 3D metrology solutions. These reliable and innovative metrology solutions respond to the advanced inspection requirements of manufacturers active in aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical, consumer and other industries. Systems are available in both fixed and portable configurations, equipped with a single or multiple sensors.

Case Study Highlights

NMI required an email marketing solution that had an easy-to-use interface yet offered a full range of features so that the company could effectively create, send and track their email responses and manage their email database.

“Pinpointe’s user interface is logical and well organized, so the product is easy to use and the initial learning curve was simple,” said Cali Schwartzly of Nikon.

Exceptional customer service was also a top selection criterion and Pinpointe’s support team has been very responsive.  “When we have a problem, we can initiate a live chat session or use Pinpointe’s email support.  They answer email tickets quickly (within 2 hours) and email support has been available from morning until late in the evening,” Cali added.

Why Pinpointe?
With Pinpointe, NMI can track inbound inquiries that come in to NMI’s website following an email campaign, and track leads that come in from the website and are analyzed using Google Analytics.

According to Cali: “Since moving to Pinpointe average open rates have increased significantly by almost 5% each year.  People see an email from Nikon and are more apt to open it. We now receive a lower rate of unsubscribed contacts than we previously experienced.”

Pinpointe’s service has been extremely reliable.  As a result of Pinpointe’s world-class data center facilities in Silicon Valley, CA, Pinpointe has achieved exceptional service uptime for NMI.  With Pinpointe, NMI is now able to perform in-depth reporting and tracking, including:

  • Analyze website traffic generated via Pinpointe in Google Analytics.
  • Track the number of opens, link clicks, unsubscribed contacts and bounces in order to better analyze statistical data on prospects
  • Track how many emails go out per month to a certain number of contacts
  • Perform closed loop analytics to measure and assess the effectiveness of email efforts.

What Sets Pinpointe Apart?

Pinpointe solves the unique needs of mid-market, B2B, and digital agencies with scalable, feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing. Pinpointe, a “Business Class” email-marketing vendor, closes the emerging gap between email marketing and marketing automation needs.

Mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies require advanced email marketing features not available in many email-marketing products. Customers are faced with the prospect of upgrading to a more expensive, complex marketing automation solution. Pinpointe’s intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities, including segmentation and “send on behalf of” features, plus optional multi-user login options, fill the void.

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