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Pinpointe Earns Analyst Praises

Pinpointe Business Class Email Marketing Earns Analyst Praises

Pinpointe Business-Class Email Marketing Solution Ranks High in GetApp Product Review and Marketing Growth Strategies Industry Analyst Report

SANTA CLARA, CA – Pinpointe, a leading Email Marketing Vendor for mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies, today announced continued positive evaluations of its service by independent email marketing reviews and industry analysts. Pinpointe’s features and performance comparisons show it ahead of email marketing competition, and filling an emerging gap between email marketing and marketing automation products.

Pinpointe consistently gains high marks for ease of use and advanced email marketing features often found in more expensive marketing automation solutions. Product evaluations show that companies would otherwise have to invest in expensive, complex email marketing to get the advanced features available in Pinpointe.

GetApp, a leading business software app store and independent reviews site, notes that Pinpointe helps facilitate building contacts through the use of its analytics, split- testing, and newsletter features, which help get email campaign results. You can read the complete Pinpointe email marketing review on

“Overall, Pinpointe is an enterprise level marketing tool that can quickly automate and simplify the work through a simple platform and WYSIWYG editor, it lowers administration time for companies, thereby reducing costs and increasing ROI.” – GetApp Analyst Review

Analyst Firm Gives Pinpointe Top Marks

Marketing Growth Strategies’ analyst Dan Freeman, reports on the growing email marketing landscape and outlines considerations for choosing the right email marketing vendor. Highlights include:

  • Over 77% of the population say email is their top used application of the Internet.
  • 90% of Internet users between 18 and 72 report email activity above searches.
  • 74% of adults prefer email for business communication.

“Mid-sized companies who want email marketing features that go beyond the basics, including drip marketing, advanced segmentation and behavioral targeting should consider Pinpointe”. Download the full email marketing evaluation – Marketing Growth Strategies.

What Sets Pinpointe Apart?

Many mid-market businesses and digital agencies need more than basic, low-volume email marketing features, but don’t have the budget or resources to implement complex marketing automation products.

Pinpointe’s scalable, feature-rich, Business Class email marketing system closes the gap between limited feature email marketing and marketing automation products and helps marketers deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team.

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