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Pinpointe Achieves Record ‘Hot’ Results

Pinpointe Email Marketing Achieves Record 'Hot' Quarterly Results
during Economy Melt Down

Cost-Conscious Marketers Rely on Email Marketing to Achieve Measurable Objectives

SANTA CLARA, CA (MEDIA-NEWSWIRE) JANUARY 12, 2009 — B2B Email Service Provider Pinpointe ( has again achieved record results in the most recent quarter ending December 31, 2008. Against the backdrop of a turbulent economy, cost-cutting and Global business melt-down, Pinpointe's business grew 22% over the previous quarter. The company's expansion reaffirms that, in uncertain times, companies will continue to allocate budget for products like Pinpointe's that have a demonstrable and measurable return.

In this quarter, approximately 20% of Pinpointe's new customers are automating their email campaigns for the first time, while many new customers have migrated from low end email solutions such as Constant Contact or Vertical Response. Pinpointe signed new customers across multiple industry verticals, including Software / Technology, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Professional Services and the Medical industries.

Pinpointe Helps Customers Improve Results

Pinpointe's account consultants provide expertise and advice to help customers improve net response rates, often increasing measurable results by over 100%.

To further improve email results, Pinpointe's comprehensive SPAM previewer helps companies test their campaigns for Spam-Assassin SPAM score, while the campaign previewer ensures that marketers can preview their campaigns in each of the leading email clients to ensure they will display properly, before sending.
In October, Pinpointe started its monthly series of free, instructional Webinars that educate their customers and prospects on marketing best practices, techniques and approaches to improve marketing results. Pinpointe-s most recent webinar can be viewed on-demand at: 

Marketers who would like to receive an invitation to future Webinars can sign up here:

Pinpointe Addressing Mid-Market B2B Marketing Needs

Pinpointe on-demand email marketing serves 'mid-market' B2B companies sending and tracking between 25k and 500k personalized targeted messages/month. Pinpointe completely automates the email marketing process, tracks results of online campaigns, automatically manages unsubscribes and bounced email addresses. With Pinpointe's behavioral targeting and personalization, marketers target prospects based on their actual activities and responses. Integration with Google Analytics allows customers to directly analyze website traffic generated as a result of their email campaigns. Pinpointe complements this with a range of email services to ensure customers are getting the best responses from their email campaigns

In contrast, entry level self-serve email products from companies like Constant Contact (CTCT) are designed for SMB customers with smaller lists and less sophisticated segmentation, reporting, tracking and targeting requirements. On the high end, marketing automation solutions from Oracle (ORCL) and Eloqua offer broad marketing automation functionality but can cost upwards of $100,000/year (plus consulting), putting them out of reach for those with tight marketing budgets. Pinpointe's on-demand email marketing provides robust behavioral targeting and email marketing automation at a price that is increasingly affordable for budget-conscious, Enterprise customers.

Email Marketing Increases As Economy Slows

According to MarketingSherpa, businesses are increasingly turning to email marketing as the economy continues to slow. MarketingSherpa's 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide has revealed that a growing number of marketers are looking to email list rental as part of their promotional campaigns, with 29% planning to increase spending compared with the 23 per cent intending to cut back. The report speculated that this may be due to marketers wanting a predictable source of potential customers amid the downturn.

About Pinpointe

Pinpointe is an Email Service Provider. Pinpointe's on-demand email marketing system empowers thousands of B2B marketers to target and personalize their email communications based on prospects' response (or lack of response) to previous email campaigns. Pinpointe's email marketing helps marketers stay in touch with their prospects, and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team.

Pinpointe's bi-monthly Email Marketing Tips n Tricks newsletter provides Tips, best practices and case study examples for online marketing. Sign up here.

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