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Pinpointe Earns Top Honors in Product Review

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) October 25, 2010 — B2B Email Service Provider Pinpointe ( once again earned high praise in an in-depth review and analysis of leading On-Demand Email Marketing services conducted by TopTenReviews – the full review can be found at:

"Pinpointe's Email Marketing System … has broken away from the bulk, consumer-oriented email crowd by focusing on the unique needs of business to business (B2B) email marketing automation," said Mike Eltzroth, Vice President of TopTenReviews.

Top Marks for Features, Email Campaign Creation and Reporting

TopTenReview's Managing Editor, Leslie Meredith added: "Customers can use Pinpointe's HTML Email editor to create gorgeous HTML emails quickly… Importing lists was also quick and painless, and we liked the fact that we could add custom fields and could track and select email recipients based on behavioral information such as links clicked, email forwards and much more."

To help ensure optimal email delivery, Pinpointe's SPAM checker provides a score and feedback on required modifications to improve the email content. By fine tuning the content of each email, customers can minimize the likelihood that their legitimate, B2B email will get incorrectly caught in a SPAM filter or delivered to the 'spam' folder.

Pinpointe's campaign previewer ensures that emails will display properly in leading email clients before sending. Email clients like Outlook 2007 for example, provide limited support for 'CSS Styles' – which are commonly used when designing HTML code. The Campaign Previewer shows how the email will be displayed, and provides specific feedback so customers know what needs to be corrected in their email in order to display properly.

Other standout features include:

  • Seamless integration with Google Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting — sending campaigns based on previous results
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand Reporting

According to TopTenReviews: "Pinpointe has every feature we were looking for. This service can help you create forms, supports email footers, create plain text and HTML email versions and much more. It also has free image hosting with an unlimited amount of storage. They also offer a wide variety of easily editable templates and you can paste in content directly from Microsoft Word, FrontPage or any other HTML editor like Adobe DreamWeaver."

Pinpointe Help / Support

Support is provided via email with 2-4 hour turn around, and via live chat. Corporate accounts include phone support and a dedicated account representative. Pinpointe also provides volumes of useful information online and with the service through FAQs, a blog, webinars, White Papers and more. They also conduct an online, step-by-step, personal tutorial for all their new clients.

Pinpointe Addressing Mid-Market B2B Marketing Needs

Pinpointe's email marketing platform empowers thousands of B2B marketers to target and personalize their email communications based on prospects' response to previous email campaigns. Marketers can stay in touch with their prospects and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team. Pinpointe's account consultants provide expertise and advice to help customers improve net response rates, often increasing measurable results by over 100%.

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