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Case Study – Financial Services Company – FNCC Selects Pinpointe

Pinpointe Email Marketing Drives $2M Profit on $16K B2B Campaign

First National Capital Corporation Chooses Pinpointe Business Email Service Over Automated Marketing for Best Features and ROI

SANTA CLARA, CA — Pinpointe, a leading Email Marketing Vendor for mid-sized enterprises, announced that its customer, First National Capital Corporation (FNCC), a California-based firm providing project finance and equipment leasing services to businesses across industries, chose its service to replace its automated marketing vendor, Eloqua. After a review of business email marketing services, FNCC found Pinpointe’s features and support ahead of competitors.

Pinpointe’s extended features help companies like FNCC fill a gap between email marketing and marketing automation products.

“We are very pleased with our choice and the ROI—Pinpointe has delivered over $2M to the bottom line,” said Michael Curtis, vice president of sales and marketing, FNCC. “Creating an email campaign with Pinpointe is easy and doesn’t require coding knowledge. It’s a great partner and support for B2B email marketing.”

Case Study Details
Pinpointe worked closely with FNCC to deliver customized emails using the unique “on behalf of” feature, sending email campaigns for each of 20 regional sales representatives:
• Emails were sent from a central office, to accounts and contacts for each sales rep.
• The representative’s email address is used for the send-from and reply-to (instead of using a “general sales@” or “marketing@” email address). Prospects reply directly to their sales rep.
• Dynamic fields are used in the email body to personalize the email.
• Using Pinpointe, FNCC closely tracks each email campaign, marketing budgets and lead sources to determine the effective ROI for their email budget.
• All email marketing efforts, including campaign creation within Pinpointe, scheduling, sending and tracking emails on behalf of the US sales team and ROI analysis are performed by one person on a part time basis.

Results: $2M Profit on $16K Campaign
FNCC spent $69,000 for Eloqua in the previous year, and just $16,000 for Pinpointe on the campaign that resulted in success.
• 450 New Opportunities
• 40 Letters of Intent
• 16 Funded Deals
• $70.3M in Funded Revenue
• $2M Gross Margin

What Sets Pinpointe Apart?
Pinpointe solves the unique needs of mid-market, B2B, and digital agencies with scalable, feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing. Pinpointe’s “Business Class” email marketing vendor closes the emerging gap between email marketing and marketing automation needs.

Mid-sized enterprises and digital agencies require advanced email marketing features not available in many email marketing products. Customers are faced with the prospect of upgrading to a more expensive, complex marketing automation solution. Pinpointe’s intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities, including segmentation and “send on behalf of” features, plus optional multi-user login options, fill the void.

About Pinpointe
Pinpointe’s affordable, cloud-based email marketing platform empowers B2B marketers to target and personalize their email communications based on their prospect’s actions and previous responses. Pinpointe’s email marketing helps marketers stay in touch with their prospects and deliver more quality opportunities to the sales team. Please visit us at

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