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Live Webinar: How a SPAM Filter Works

Your email is being blocked.  According to ReturnPath, more than 20% of your good emails are not getting to th inbox.  Join us as we host the fourth in our series of free, interactive webinars – "Email Marketing 201: How a Networked Spam Firewall Works". 

This webinar is geared toward helping you improve email response rates.  We'll explain, in detail, how a network-based email spam filter operates, so you can better understand why your otherwise good email may not always be making it to your recipients' inboxes.

This webinar is more technical than our previous webinars – so please PASS ALONG THE INVITE TO YOUR IT TEAM. We'll help you understand all the places where your email can get tripped up before finally hitting the recipient’s inbox.  Topics include:

  • How current Enterprise Email Filters work
  • Tracking an Email from send to delivery: possible pitfalls along the way
  • Designing for the Inbox


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