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Pinpointe is the most feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing solution available today for Business communications. If you are a Business to Business marketer and you are considering Exact Target, first check out Pinpointe’s unique advantages.


  • Save Money. Save up to 46% vs. Exact Target with our Pay-as-you-Go pricing.
  • Preserve your brand. We don’t insert our logo or branding into your email.
  • Free Surveys. Create, send and collect data for unlimited surveys for free with your Pinpointe account.
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns. Set up a sequence of campaigns that automatically trigger based on recipient actions, like whether they opened an email or clicked on a specific link.
  • Snappy, intuitive interface. Pinpointe is always snappy, responsive and simple to use!
  • Easy Segmentation. Easily segment prospects across multiple lists, based on a combination of fields.
  • Behavioral Targeting: Select recipients based on past behavior (did they open a campaign? Click a specific link?)


  • Sign up for a 15 day FREE trial.  To continue your service, select a monthly subscription or add non-expiring, Pay-As-You-Go credits before your trial ends and we’ll add them to your account.
  • To deter ill-intentioned spammers, we use a credit card to verify contact details.  The charge is $0.00. FREE.
  • We will *not* charge you unless you decide to convert to a regular account (we’re pretty sure you will).
  • Please note that our minimum service level for active customers is 5,000 emails / month ($42/mo).
  • Please abide by Pinpointe’s Terms & Conditions


We make it easy for you to start with Pinpointe. You’re covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. Use coupon code PPTCOMP for 25% off in the first month!

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Not convinced yet? Take Pinpointe for a 15 Day FREE TRIAL (One time $1 processing charge)

Free Trial for Exact Target customers


Some of our happy customers include:

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