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This is the first in our series of Webinars on Email Marketing deliverability.  Top tips are based on analysis of thousands of customer email campaigns and over a hundred million emails.  The interactive session demonstrates tips to improve delivery and email response rates for your well crafted HTML emails. We also cover tips to help ensure your email gets read once it actually makes it to the inbox.

The accompanying slides and Q and A summary are below… And hey, please Diggit, Fave or Tweet about it!

Email Marketing Webinar: Tips to Improve Email Delivery Rates (Slides)

Download Slide Deck and accompanying 8-page Question and Answer whitepaper.

Download email marketing slides

If you’re interested in more advanced topics – check out Email Marketing 201 Webinar (aka “How an Enterprise SPAM Filter Works” where we explain how your email travels from your outbox to (hopefully) the recipients inbox. This webinar is more technical.

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