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Webinar – Advanced Topic: Improving Email Response Rates

This interactive webinar presented by Pinpointe is a continuation in our series of tips on improving email results.  In this session we’ll trace the path of an email and explain the snags along the way that *will* stop your email in its tracks and we’ll explain key tips to improve response rates.  We explain how network-based SPAM filters work and how they share information to potentially block your good emails.  We cover:

  • Review CAN-SPM Requirements
  • Update: How current Enterprise Email Filters work
  • Tracking an Email from send to delivery: possible pitfalls along the way
  • Designing for the Inbox

Slide Deck

Pinpointe Webinar: Email Marketing 101 - Nov 2008 - Slides

On-Demand (Quicktime)

Pinpointe Webinar: Email Marketing 101 - Nov 2008 - QuickTime Video

On-Demand (Windows)

Pinpointe Webinar: Email Marketing 101

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