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Targeted Email Marketing

Would you like to keep a constant touch with existing and prospective clients keeping them informed about new products and services along with the coming events?  Targeted email marketing is a viable option allowing both small businesses and large corporations to reach their audience with personalized messaging without spending a fortune.

As a rule, many people are unfamiliar of what an email marketing concept is. Let's take a closer look. Email marketing is a form of Internet marketing that is used for sending email messages to acquire new customers and communicate with existing clients more personalized.

If you would like to communicate with your clients directly or just distribute your special offers by email, you've come to the right place. Pinpointe can help you start your own targeted email marketing campaign quickly.  We take special pride by providing managers and businesses owners with a powerful email marketing program as an extremely cost-effective, fast and easy way to access their targeted audience sending personalized promotional messages.

You may rest assured that Pinpointe email marketing software includes all the features needed to create, automate, target, analyze and track marketing communications (newsletters, customer promotions, event invitations, new product announcements, etc.). Simply design a personalized email, create an organized contact lists and send a message to your loyal customer base.

It doesn't matter what a business type you have: our advanced email marketing system will increase your brand awareness, build a loyal customer base and improve conversions. There are no contracts or setup fees – you pay only a flat monthly fee based on the number of active contacts you maintain with your list or the number of emails sent during a particular period.

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