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New Pinpointe Release Helps Customers Boost Email Marketing Results

SANTA CLARA, CA (PRWEB) — March 10, 2009 — B2B Email Marketing Service Provider Pinpointe ( today announced availability its latest On-Demand Email Marketing system with industry-leading features designed to help customers squeeze even better results from their email campaigns. Highlights include:

Split / Multi-Variant Testing

With just a few intuitive clicks, customers can select multiple, personalized email variations and a random sample size from their database. Pinpointe will distribute the variations to the random samples, calculate the campaign with the best results and send the ‘winning’ campaign to remaining recipients — all without user intervention.

Robust Drip Marketing / Trigger Campaigns

Pinpointe customers can set up personalized, ‘drip marketing’ campaigns that are sent automatically to targeted prospects based on ‘trigger’ events. Marketing Sherpa recently uncovered that drip marketing can substantially improve resulting prospect conversion rates over the long term.

‘Drip marketing emails can be set to automatically trigger based on the following criteria:

  • A custom field matching a specified date (e.g.: sending an automatic renewal notice to a customer 30 days before a support contract is due)
  • Clicking on a link in a previous campaign (e.g., Sending a follow-up ‘special offer’ 2 days after a prospect clicks on a given product link’)
  • Opening a previous email campaign. (Example – sending a reminder to prospects invited to a Webinar)
  • Joining a specific list (e.g. – sending an automatic welcome letter and follow-up newsletter after someone subscribes to a newsletter list).

Enhanced SPAM Email Checker

Pinpointe’s real-time SPAM Previewer reviews email campaigns for content issues that might be flagged by SPAM firewalls relying on the Spamassassin engine. The Spam analyzer reviews customer campaigns for potentially offending content, and recommends changes that will reduce the likelihood of being blocked.

“Pinpointe’s account team provided best-practices recommendations to improve our responses. We then used the online SPAM email checker to pre-screen our email campaigns and based on Pinpointe’s automated recommendations we fine-tuned the message to avoid getting stuck in content-based spam filters. Finally, we tried multiple variations of our email by using split testing and as a result, lifted our response rates substantially,” said Jeff Victor, Editor-in-Chief, Messaging News, a Pinpointe partner and customer (

Key Benefits

As a result of rising SPAM and increasingly zealous SPAM filters, legitimate, opt-in B2B emails are getting blocked more often, hindering email ROI. Pinpointe addresses the problem head-on with its online SPAM checker, but the company also helps customers to improve their email quality, targeting and relevance. All of Pinpointe’s new features are geared to helping customers improve email response rates through simplified testing and campaign previewing, nurturing prospects via automate follow up campaigns and through best-practices recommendations.

Pinpointe Helps Customers Improve Results
Pinpointe’s account consultants provide expertise and advice to help customers improve responses, often increasing measurable results by over 100%.

“We needed an Email Provider that understands our needs as a Business-to-Business Enterprise. Given the economy, we are always seeking vendors that can help us improve our marketing results on a shrinking budget. Pinpointe’s strategic advice, best-practices webinars and now their new features like split testing have helped us improve our email marketing results by as much as 55%,” noted Sunil Cherian, VP Marketing of Array Networks.

Pinpointe also offers a series of free, instructional Webinars that educate customers and prospects on marketing best practices, techniques and approaches to improve marketing results. A recent webinar can be viewed on-demand at:

Marketers who would like to receive an invitation to future Webinars can sign up here:

Pinpointe: Addressing Mid-Market B2B Marketing Needs
Pinpointe is an Email Service Provider addressing the unique needs of ‘mid-tier’ and large Business-to-Business (“B2B”) Enterprises. Pinpointe’s on-demand email marketing system empowers thousands of B2B marketers to target and personalize their email communications based on any number of custom variables, including a prospects’ response to previous email campaigns.

Integrated Google analytics conversion tracking allows customers to directly analyze website traffic generated from Pinpointe email campaigns.

In contrast, entry level email products are designed for SMB customers with smaller lists and less sophisticated segmentation and targeting requirements, whereas complex marketing automation solutions from Oracle (ORCL) and Eloqua offer broad functionality but can cost upwards of $100,000/year, putting them out of reach in today’s tight economy.

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