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Email Marketing Software

Do you need an efficient, powerful yet affordable tool to communicate with your existing and prospective clients?  Pinpointe On-Demand, Inc. is an established company with more than 6,000 companies using the Pinpointe platform.  Pinpointe is a leader in ‘Business-Class’ email marketing, which allows us to provide full-featured and easy-to-use email marketing solutions for any specific business requirements.

Businesses-to-business companies typically have smaller email marketing lists when compared to business-to-consumer companies.  That’s why it becomes crucial to derive maximum value and opportunities from every email contact in your list and Pinpointe can perfectly meet this challenge. Our user-friendly high volume email marketing software comes with multiple advanced features that can dramatically benefit B2B clients, including behavioral targeting, advanced segmentation, ability to create ‘drip marketing’ campaigns and ‘email marketing in the cloud’ option to name a few.

There are virtually no limits on criteria required to target your particular audience – you can use as many of them as you need. With the help of built-in autoresponders and trigger campaigns you can create multiple sequences of email campaigns that are sent automatically.

Large companies with large customer contact databases (250,000 – 10+ million emails) have an excellent opportunity to outsource their entire email marketing and advertising infrastructure with the Pinpointe Enterprise Edition, which provides a dedicated, end-to-end email platform, completely isolated from other users.

Depending on your email marketing campaign frequency you can choose one from our three flexible pricing plans, based on the number of contacts in your list, number of emails sent per month and pay-as-you-go option. The last plan is the most flexible meaning that you purchase any number of email credits and use them whenever you need. It can be an ideal choice for you if you send different quantity of emails each month.

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