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B2B Email Marketing Short article that explains B2B Marketing
Targeted Email Marketing Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing>
Business Email Marketing What is ‘Business Email Marketing?
Email Marketing Software Pinpointe Email Software Overview We enjoyed creating email campaigns with Pinpointe.  The email editor is extremely easy to use. We also liked how easy it was to view statistics and edit campaigns. Pinpointe is a great option for organizing, implementing, and tracking a professional email marketing campaign, especially business-to-business.  Read Review >> Pinpointe earns spot as top email marketing vendor – April, May 2011.  Read More>> In-depth profile of Pinpointe’s Business-Class Email Marketing Platform concludes “Mid-sized companies who want email marketing features that go beyond the basics, including drip marketing, advanced segmentation and behavioral targeting should consider Pinpointe”.  Read Full Review >> Product Report.  Read Profile>> Product Rating: * * * * “Powerful tools for advanced marketers at a comparatively low price” – Review summary. Download Report>>

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