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What is a “spam honeypot” or Spamtrap?

ISPs and spam tracking services like Spamhaus and SORBS rely on spamtraps or 'honeypots' to catch spammers – but what exactly is a 'spam honeypot' and how do you avoid hitting them? The bulk of the spamtraps and honeypots today are from dormant email accounts and/or closed domains.  The logic is simple: a 'dead email […]

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Online Marketing Tips

Use RSS to Keep Email Subscribers Informed

RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is an excellent tool to help you ‘push’ relevant content to subscribers who want to keep up with your latest blog entries.  For example you can subscribe to Pinpointe’s Blog RSS feed here. Why should you care about RSS and how can you use it? Keep you pulse on your market.  […]

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Email Response Rates

Tracking Statistics for Forwarded Emails

There are two ways one of your campaigns can get forwarded. The first is simply that an excited recipient thinks your email is useful and they forward it directly onward.  The original email along with the original, unmodified trackable links and embedded 'beacon' image (used to track HTML email opens) is forwarded.  When the *new* […]

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Marketing Metrics and Analytics

Hard and Soft Bounces… What’s the Difference?

Each Webinar series we run, we get questions about the difference between hard and soft bounces. A 'Hard' bounce is a permanent fatal error such as – the domain no longer exists (company went out of business), the email does not exist (the person retired / left the company / died). Most Email solutions, including […]

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Which is Better: Person’s Name or Company for Send-From Address?

Our goal as marketers is to develop a ‘relationship’ with our audience.  Generally speaking, people respond to people better than they respond to ‘things’ – like your company. Based on our split testing, we’ve found that in most cases, you’ll see better results by using a specific contact person (yourself for example) vs. a general […]

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Pinpointe Features

Can I have different ‘senders’ for each campaign?

Yes.  When you set up a campaign and then again when the campaign is sent out, you are asked to provide the sender information and the ‘reply-to’ information.  Pinpointe will then send the email out with the From and Reply-To headers set to your preference. Here’s an excellent use for this feature.  Assume you have a regional sales team in […]

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