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How SPAM Impacts Your Brand [Infographic]

SPAM Impacts Your Brand. So Get Permission & Stay Relevant.  SPAM has been an annoying email phenomenon since the first spam message was sent by DEC in 1978.   People don't like getting emails in their inbox that isn't of interest or relevance to them. But how do individuals define SPAM and what actions do they take when […]

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Capitalize on What’s Hot in B2B Content Marketing

The world of B2B email marketing is always evolving. As technology and business progress, so do the tactics brands use to get in touch with past, current and potential clients. However, while new developments in social media, mobile marketing and other mediums emerge, it's clear that permission based email marketing continues to thrive as both […]

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Content Marketing – 8 Tips to Create Consistent Content

While email marketing automation software certainly makes keeping in touch with clients and reaching out to prospects easier, an effective multichannel approach to spreading awareness of your brand, boosting its credibility and ultimately expanding your customer base requires quite a bit of organization.

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10 Tips to Give your Email Open Rates a Boost

Whether you've been using B2B email marketing software for quite a while or you're dabbling with the customer outreach and loyalty generation tool for the first time, recent findings on email volume and open rates are sure to brighten your day. According to MarketingProfs, a recent benchmark study found that compared to the first quarter […]

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6 Tips for Better Lead Generation

Using the right automated marketing software, you can effectively manage contacts and drip marketing campaigns to ensure clients are getting the follow-up they need to generate sales and maintain interest in your business. But first, you have to reel in your target audience to ensure you're building a network of loyal customers. 1. Do your […]

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4 Tips for Writing Emails People Want to Read

Have you collected heaps of behavioral data related to clients' needs, purchase habits and email activity history? Good. Do you have a partnership with one of the best email marketing automation providers? Great. These are crucial steps to launching a campaign that can strengthen existing relationships and boost customer sales.

Content creation isn't always easy, but it's something you have to master. Putting enough research, time and thought into your messages will pay off big time in terms of subscriber response rates and customer loyalty.  So before you pull out your writer's quill (or keyboard), take these tips into account …

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Email Autoresponder Campaigns | 4 Tips to Make Them Shine

Autoresponder campaigns should be the workhorse of your email marketing efforts.  Autoresponders are the perfect way to automate email communication streams so you can get more done with less effort.  When carried out right – they generate great results and provide added benefits, including brand recognition, stronger relationships with existing clients, a firmer grasp on potential customers and, ultimately, higher sales. 

Sadly – many B2B ("Business to Business") marketers aren't fully utilizing email autoresponders.  A random sampling of 500 of the 'Inc 5000' businesses shows the following [learn more…]

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Example Autoresponders | 3 You Should Master Today

Autoresponders are like email marketing on autopilot.  With the right software and message strategy, autoresponder campaigns (aka 'drip marketing campaigns') can strengthen relationships with existing customers, move prospects along the 'sales education' process and boost the brand's reputation as an expert in the field. points out that drip marketing efforts also tend to result in higher sales.  There are several types of drip marketing campaigns, and if done right, these efforts give new prospects and current customers exactly what they want or need – whether it's specific details about your products or services or help making the right purchasing decision.

If you're not sure where to start with your first autoresponders, here are three examples of autoresponder sequences to consider.

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