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Optimizing Online Content for Conversions

Up until a few years ago, most business only worried about website content and driving visitors to their website through SEO. Now, marketers need to think about more than just content for websites, but also how to create and integrate content for all aspects of their online marketing strategy, including items like blogs, videos, webcasts, […]

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Optimizing Website Content for Conversions

Optimizing website content for conversions seems to be a hot topic these days. Up until a few years ago most business created their website with one goal in mind – to educate potential consumers of what product or service they offer. Many marketers knew very little about maximizing SEO and creating content that lead new viewers […]

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Top Independent Email Marketing Blogs

How often do you land on a great blog with a ton of relevant information that will actually help you? Normally, this doesn't happen all too often and is usually the result of hours of searching the web to find the information you are looking for, or just pure 'I just happened to click upon this' luck. Maybe you are […]

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B2B Lead Generation Manifesto [Infographic]

Content for B2B marketing purposes has to be a lot of things, including remarkable, educational, and valuable. Only then, can you expect to draw in leads and keep those leads engaged. Yeah, it’s a lot of pressure and adding to that pressure are the millions of other businesses trying to do the exact same thing. But, if you follow a certain process to fully optimize your B2B marketing content strategy, you will have a much better chance of coming out ahead. Read on to master the B2B Lead Generation Manifesto that is…CONTENT MARKETING!

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Make Content Marketing a Success: Notable Reasons, Ways, and Times

Being a consumer has become much more work these days with so many resources at our fingertips. We are expected to do our research, especially if we have a company budget to keep in mind. Consumers crave content marketing for this exact reason – they need the facts, they need the numbers, and they need to […]

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Email Marketing is Undervalued

For some reason, the past few years have made marketers undervalue email and overvalue personalization of content through social media. Whatever the reason for this trend, a few important facts still hold true for email marketing for business communications. The 5 Facts of Email Marketing 2.2 billion people worldwide use email.   Email ads are […]

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8 Tips for Better Autoresponder Welcome Emails

Autoresponder welcome emails are the "bait" that will determine whether you can reel those potential clients you have attracted to your business to your business through email subscription sign-ups, and convert them into customers. In case you’re not familiar, an email autoresponder is an email marketing message or a sequence of messages that get sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that […]

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Mobile + Email Marketing Automation = Better Results

If you've been using business to business email marketing software for at least six months, we have good news for you: According to eMarketer, a research and analytics provider, nearly one-third of emails sent in North America during the first quarter of 2013 were opened, representing the highest total rate in years.

The fact email users opened more messages in the first three months of the year – an actual reversal of email open trends, can be attributed to two important factors, eMarketer explained: the growth of mobile and email marketing automation. Let's take a minute to look over the stats.   Read-on to get more mobile statistics…

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